Canadian sports icon Paul Henderson on reaching your goals

We know the summer is over when we start to see training camps open for another NHL season. Only 300 sleeps left until we find out who will win this years Stanley Cup. This weeks podcast is with Paul Henderson. It has been almost 35 years since we heard the famous words by Foster Hewitt, "Henderson has scored for Canada!" On Sept 28, 1972 Paul Henderson scored the goal of the century – the winning goal of the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union.

As a young boy, Paul dreamed of playing in the National Hockey League. In anticipation of that day, he started to practice signing his autograph in Grade 5. "I wanted my autograph to be legible so that they knew who I was when I signed it." Paul knew where he was going. He needed only to figure out how to get there. For most of the next decade, through a combination of focus, hard work, talent and support from coaches and family, he overcame wonky skates and early morning practices and laid the foundation for his hockey career. He realized his NHL dreams breaking in with the Detroit Red Wings in 1962-63. A 1968 trade sent him to the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he played six and a half seasons before jumping to the World Hockey Association’s Toronto Toros and Birmingham Bulls. He also played for the Atlanta Flames before his playing career ended in 1981.

Sometimes in life, through a convergence of circumstances and experience, we can rise to a new level and achieve remarkable things. Such was the case when Paul scored his iconic goal in the Canada-Russia series. The impact of that goal was incredible, both for the country and for Paul.

After the 1972 Summit Series, Paul struggled with his identity. For the first time since he was ten years old, he needed to find a new bull’s eye, a target on which he could focus his energy, drive and discipline. He eventually found that goal, became grounded, and now works to encourage other leaders around the country to pursue their dreams with discipline and focus.

How are you grounded? Is it by your identity? One thing is for sure, there will be changes in your career at some point. Getting your identity grounded is key to weathering these changes. Some people find that grounding in their faith. For others, it is in athletics, family life or other things outside of their work world. The common theme is that they are not tied into temporal elements, but rather to those of a more intrinsic value. Being grounded ensures that you will become much more mature in how you handle everything life brings your way.

Paul’s new goal? "I want to finish well. I care what my wife will think about me and what my children and my grandchildren will remember of me."

Not all of us will have the opportunity of impacting at the scale that Paul has however, all of us can be our best and get all the benefits that come with being true to our talents and passions. Take the first step towards your own goal and book an initial consultation.

Along the road with you!

Alan Kearns

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