Can you succeed at anything by really trying?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to achieve great success, while others continue to struggle in their professional life? What is the difference in the actions, and attitudes between the two groups of people? This week’s podcast is with Lyman MacInnis author of How to Succeed in Anything by Really Trying. I have to say, this was one of my all-time favorite book titles. I found out about this book through a reference from one of my clients (Thanks Jim). Lyman has been a senior partner for more than 30 years with an international accounting firm and works with a number of highly successful professionals. He has written his book based on his observations on why some professionals get breakthrough success, while others struggle (hint, it isn’t about the economy).

The more I digested the title of his book, the more this book’s key thought impacted me. As I considered times when I have been successful personally or professionally, it truly was the difference between trying, and really trying. Have you talked with a friend and heard the issues that they are working through in their life, and heard them say (with a sigh) “I tried?” This bares the question, did they really try? I recently met a gentleman who was transitioning from project management in the technology sector, to becoming a school teacher. He had gone back to school to get the necessary training, and for the past three years has been working in a variety of temporary teaching roles to get to permanent role. It has been a challenging journey for him. I truly admire his courage to change, and his commitment to work hard to get his first permanent position. He had many valid excuses to give up, yet he didn’t. Lyman’s fundamental belief about success is very simple, “anyone can achieve success provided they define it in reasonable terms and strive for it in the right attitude.” He suggests there are two basic tools and three fundamental steps to achieve success in any area that you desire.

The two basic skills to achieve success:

Knowledge; we live in a knowledge based society; there are three key ways to gather knowledge through study, experience and surrounding yourself with interesting people. Access to knowledge through learning, has never been easier. Consider the flexibility of online learning and distance learning courses. Don’t ignore your curiosity – this can open you up new areas of interest.
Skills; You need skills to apply your knowledge in a successful manner. You need to evaluate your skills to determine what you do well and don’t do well. Ask those around you for feedback and continually try new things.
The three fundamental steps to achieve success;

Identify the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the success you seek.
Be realistic about the level of knowledge and skills you already possess.
Acquire the knowledge and develop the skills that you lack.
Lyman’s success recipe is something that anyone can follow-through; you don’t have to go to Harvard to get what you want in life. The other great news is that you will always be ready for opportunity, as Lyman suggested “opportunities are never missed; the ones that you don’t take advantage of, someone else will.”

Are you trying to get better at what you do? Really try.
Are you trying to look for a new job? Really try.
Are you trying to get promoted? Really try.
Are you trying to change careers? Really try.
Are you trying to find work-life balance? Really try.
Are you trying to be a good boss? Really try.

You and I both know the difference…This week, really try!

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Really trying, along the road with you!