Balancing Parenthood & Your Career – Is it Possible?

Are you a working parent trying to figure out how to do it “all,” whatever that may mean to you? Do you need some time for yourself to think about the next step in your career. How can you find a role that balances your need for engagement in your work and your family? This week’s podcast is from The Canadian Career Development Webinar Series with Jill Earthy founder ofmomcafe and Tasha Richard & Tara Azulay who are involved with the growth of this networking group for professional woman.

I have 2 children, so there was a bit of selfishness involved with exploring this important topic. I am constantly challenged with trying to prioritize my schedule to have the right priortites in my life. Time really does march on, you have this small window to make an impact and build a relationship with your children. I am fortunate that I am in a situation that meets both my professional and personal needs. Working with clients this a constant conversation that I am having. What are the solutions? Self-employment, less travel time, downsizing your role, teleworking? Jill shared “In some ways balancing parenting and a career is a myth, I think it is something that you are always working at to find the right mix. You never get it perfect, that’s ok.” 

The answers are ultimately yours. I admire these three woman who are not allowing the economy or their company to decide what is best, they are intentionally pursuing roles that are a good fit for them.

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This week’s 60 Second Workout – What is 1 thing you can do to find more “balance” in your work. 

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Balancing (yeah right!). along the road with you!


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