Are You Working Just For A Paycheque? | The Monday Morning Motivator

Well, that was easy. On Friday, Facebook went public & yes, a group of employee’s have now picked up their new Ferrari’s, Porches, Rolexes & custom made yachts; talk about earning the “fruits” of your labour.  Amazing what a $100 billion can buy these days. 

All joking aside, it is a tremendous accomplishment what the team @FB has done. What an incredible journey they have been on to build a terrific brand. Well done.

Facebook was not built by Mark Zuckerberg alone.  It is in the position it is today as a result of the hard work of thousands of people. Last week I discussed the role David Choe played as the “official graffiti artist” of Facebook, grab some paint cans, some spray paint. Presto! A $250 million dollar payout.  

How did David do this? By being paid to be who he is. 


How do you do get paid to be who you are at work? Here’s my advice:


1. STOP working for a paycheck.

Don’t get me wrong, we need money for the necessities like food, shelter & clothing.  We all need to get paid. In a Gallup poll, the number one reason people left their job was for career advancement (31.5%), followed by lack of fit (20.2%), next was management & work environment (16.5%). Believe it or not, salary was much lower on the list. If you are just working for the income, this absolutely leads to lower career satisfaction.


2. START working for yourself.

I don’t necessarily mean becoming self-employed tomorrow. What I mean is finding roles that integrate your interests & your talents. According to the research of 2,000 executives by Spencer Stuart, a leading global executive recruitment firm, you are 6 times more likely to have an extraordinary career if you are engaged in work that suits you and your natural talents. 

So, now you are faced with a challenge — pursue a paycheck with the “hope” of finding the right fit, or find the right fit & gain all the rewards that come along with it. What is the difference? The difference is your mindset & your choices. 

The rewards? Priceless. 


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Being me, along the road with you! 




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