Are you working in your comfort zone? Lessons from a 10 year old on how to break through

I was recently speaking with a person I know well – he’s bright, talented…a terrific guy.  He’s also frustrated with where he is right now. Why? Most of his life is spent, living in his comfort zone. The results are a predictable, but not a “rich” and rewarding life. When we live outside our comfort zone, we enter into new levels of joy and confidence. I was reminded of this by a 10-year old girl, taking her first ski jump. Watch it here, well worth 2 minutes of your time. Guaranteed!

First of all, I am not sure I would do this jump. My excuse would be, “well, I snowboard”. She reminded me of a very simple principle – we need to live outside our comfort zone to have an interesting life.

Wikipedia defines courage as “acting in spite of fear.’ It consists of 4 key attributes – bravery, perseverance, honesty, and zest. Another defintion shared by one of my coaches is “Doing something that might make pee run down your leg…” (I liked that one).
There were 5 things this young girl did to exemplify courage:

1. Commitment; “I’ll be fine. I’ll do it!”  When she says this, her mind overcame all of her emotions. You can hear the trembling in her voice, uncertain of what might occur. We all get scared – mind over feelings. 

2. Community; “It’s going to be fine! You will enjoy it this!” With a calm confidence her coach both reassures and encourages her that she is on the right track (literally). We hear a friend and her mother also encourage her.  It takes a village to help us reach our goals. Don’t goit alone. 

3. Recommitment; “OK. Here. I. Go!” Second guessing a major decision is normal. When we are taking a big risk in life, even after making the decision, we need to remind ourselves that we are going to follow through. Stick to your commitments.

4. Joy; “Just the suspense at the top freaks you out. It’s so fun…” The pure reward of taking a risk, pushing beyond your emotions. When we live out of our comfort zone, we enter into new levels of joy and confidence. The fruit is going to be more rewarding than you can even imagine.

5. Set a new goal; “Yeah! It sure was scary up there, Now I am ready for a 60!” The final lesson was the confidence we get in pushing through. Once you achieve a goal, you most likely will be thinking about what your next big goal is. Keep setting bigger ones.

This week, as you approach the top of whatever hill you are climbing – a decision to quit, applying for a new job, starting of a role as a new manager, deciding to go to school or jump out of a plane – call up your inner 4th grader courage. You can do it,we can help.
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