[MMM] Are you waiting or creating?

Happy Tuesday Morning!


For the long weekend flew out to Calgary to visit some friends. As I was driving to the airport to meet my family, I spotted at least 30 limos parked in a holding area. The drivers were sitting in their cars, waiting for their turn to pick up passengers at the terminal. I am not sure how many of them are satisfied in their careers or not, but I was struck by this picture.


I had to ask myself, “How many people in life are sitting, just waiting for the right opportunity?”


I recently hired a limo for a different event. The driver introduced himself and asked me if I wanted to read the Globe and Mail or The National Post. When I arrived at my destination, he handed me his business card and asked when I was returning. Would I need a limo back? This gentleman was not the type to sit and wait. He was proud of what he was doing – he went the extra mile, and he paid attention to opportunity. I would be surprised if he and his $60,000 Lincoln Continental were sitting and waiting for clients. Some people wait, while others create. It’s your choice.


Write down two things that you could do in your current role to create new opportunities for you and your organization.


Sculpting, along the road with you!




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