Are You Sharing Your Talents Lavishly? | Monday Morning Motivator

You may think I am weird; I like running through graveyards, and reading how a life is summed up on a tombstone.

Lest we think twitter is a new idea, we have been summing up entire lives in less than 140 characters, on tombstones for centuries. I love the Obits page & Lives Lived column in the Globe & Mail. I read Donald Blenkarn’s Lives Lived column recently. This is what it said:

He believed in serving his creator by lavishly using the talents he had been given, to serve others.


What struck me was the word, lavishly. I absolutely loved this quote, summing up the 81 years he lived on this planet. I could imagine all the people he helped & impacted as an entrepreneur, M.P., father, husband & grandfather.


I looked up the definition of this word: Expending or bestowing profusely. It is from the same family of words as abundant & comes from the root word of lave, which means to pour out.


He poured his talents generously to serve others.  

What does it mean to lavishly use your talents to serve others? Lavishly is a philosophy. You do this because you believe in the greater sense of your purpose & you don’t live out of fear. One of Donald’s favorite lines “if one is good for you, two would be better!” 

To me, lavishly is about the spirit of love & generosity, not scrimping. You go above & beyond, because you care. You care about the difference you can make.


You do this because you believe in the greater sense of your purpose & when you do this, you are not only doing this for others, but also al the benefits you get yourself. That is a true definition of fair trade. For those that wish to explore this idea of a fair trade, you can listen to my interview with Rob Clarke, Executive Director of TransFair Canada. Listen here.


This week, where can you use your talents lavishly?


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Sharing my talents lavishly, along the road with you!




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