Are You Inspired by Your Work Environment? | The Monday Morning Motivator

Does your work environment inspire you? Is the physical space where you work in enriching & do you look forward to going there? Do you feel at home? 


This past week I had 2 experiences involving music, I was speaking at an event on Wednesday morning. I ended up parking in BCE Place (Which I happen to think is the most inspired large building in Toronto). As I got out of my car, I heard a very strange sound in the parking garage:


Classical music.


Now driving along the Gardiner expressway in morning rush hour does not necessarily prepare you for a highly productive day. You begin your morning with normal blood pressure & you end up getting out of your car with 180/200. This reminded me of the value of creating for employees an environment that is both functional & provides a way of enabling you & your team to excel. Some of this is pure structural. Even as I stepped out of the elevator & walked to where I was going to speak, I saw this:


Inspired Architecture.


In my former life as an executive recruiter, I was on a client visit. We were going to be taking on a search for the VP of service. The people were nice, they were working on some interesting projects. However, the environment was all gray cubicles. I thought to myself “How the heck are you going to get world-class engineering solutions out of such a blah physical environment?” I compared this in my mind to advertising agencies which provide such creative & interesting workspace. I heard this recently …many work environments would make for great places to sleep. Recently I was invited to a client’s Shabbat dinner. She & her husband have provided a space that is both personal & enriching. It is a place that makes you feel comfortable.


Ambius, an interior design consulting company did research & discovered that 62% of workers would be more motivated if employers worked at improving the work environment, 25% found their workplace “depressing”. About 85% of the business costs are people & 15% is related to infrastructure. This study also showed the giving your employees a say in the design would increase productivity by 30%.


Beauty = Productivity.


As an employer, what ways can you work at providing not only an inspired architecture but a place where employees will enjoy working in & inspiring them to do their best?


On our Facebook page share your thoughts on what kinds of ways would you like your environment to be more inspiring?


Next week I will share my second experience. Yes I am using the “stay tuned” & cliff hanger to get you to come back. Same bat channel same bat time.


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Inspired, along the road with you!



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