Are You In The Right Environment?


I am not sure if you have heard, but Maggie is feeling not so well lately when it comes to both her life and her job. She has been showing all the typical signs of depression including boredom, lack of appetite, irritability and increased aggressiveness. This problem has only been getting worse over the past few years.

You see, Maggie is a 22 year old 9,120 lb elephant from Zimbabwe. The only problem is that she is living in Alaska. In fact she is Alaska’s only elephant (surprise) and she is residing in the Alaska Zoo. In an attempt to boost her mood, the Zoo has some creative plans. This summer they plan to build a $100,000 treadmill unlike any other. It is 20 feet long and 5 feet wide-not exactly something you would find at Fitness Depot. The treadmill is one part of a $500,000 new elephant house that includes a 1600 square foot barn. Obviously there is a lot of controversy over this issue both pro and against this idea from a variety of perspectives.

So here’s my theory. Poor Maggie would be better roving around in Africa. Get her a ticket. I am thinking Virigin’s business class (so she can stretch her legs and get good grub) Maybe she could even get to watch the Lion King during her flight. I predict in less than 6 months she will be a happy elephant.

So here’s my point: elephants work best in the environments that elephants are naturally created for. So the Question is: what is the environment that is best suited for you? Some clients struggle with thinking they need to change careers, when really they need to change companies. That is what my advice would be for Maggie. She needs a new employer with an environment better suited to her. Don’t always look for the complicated solution. Isolate the key problems within your environment and if you are struggling with that, don’t get like Maggie, just ask us! We can help benchmark what environments are best suited for you, and create a plan to help get you there.