Are You Asking The Right Question?

Christy Clark

Christy Clark is the former Deputy Premier of British Columbia. Her departure isn’t the result of gambling scandals, ferry boondoggles or financial wrongdoing. No, she simply asked the right question and its answer meant leaving public office.

One night in September, after a hectic day, Christy sat down to relax with a glass of wine. She had just put her son to bed and her thoughts were turned, as they often were, to the challenge of fitting her family life into her public career. And suddenly she realized she’d been asking herself the wrong question. With an unexpected shift in perspective, she asked how her career could be fit into her family.

“When I asked that, I realized that I have to step away from politics for a little while to find balance” said Christy. “It is not symbolic of women in politics. It’s just that my family needs more of me”

So often in life it isn’t the questions we ask, but rather the way we ask them. For Christy, rephrasing the question freed her to consider life’s priorities in a different way and shed new light on options she hadn’t previously considered.

Questions can be a powerful tool in assessing your career life. When asked at the right time, a question can break loose important new insights. Sometimes, simply being asked the question by someone you can’t ignore is all that is needed for an important revelation.

In these last few years I’ve met more and more clients that aren’t asking the right questions. It’s a rare visit that I don’t hear: “You know, I never thought of it that way”. This is good because helping clients ask the right questions is exactly what CareerJoy is all about. Even better, we help you find the right answers too.

Contact us to get started on answering the right questions. It’s important. I think Christy’s son would agree.

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