Are You An Underdog?

A few weeks ago the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Their last World Series win was in 1918 (and Leaf fans think they’ve got it hard – heck they’ve only been waiting since 1967)! Right from the start, the Sox were the underdogs. Before the series started, I heard a commentator work from statistics to show that man- for-man the St. Louis Cardinals where the stronger team. The problem is statistics don’t win championships – people do.

We’ve all worked with people who were hired because they look strong on paper or they excel in an interview scenario. But there are facts and then there’s performance and it’s performance that counts when there’s a key win on the line.

Performance is the responsibility of coaches. And in Boston’s case, batting coach Ron Jackson was a key contributor. Jackson was their fourth coach in four seasons and his job was to help batters deal with the up and down challenges of a season. His strategy was to focus on changing the mindset of the team and he got the goods. Boston came out on top even if they weren’t the “best” team.

So, who’s helping you improve your game? Our coaches can work with your stats to help you find your edge. If it’s performance you need – you need a coach.

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