Are Some of Your Tools Missing?

Not long ago, while scanning the Popular Science magazine (you know, the magazine where we are all going to fly cars around and go to the moon for lunch etc.) I saw a fantastic advertisement for Ace hardware. The ad had a picture of a typical tool bench with an assortment of typical tools: wrench, saw, paint brush, electrical tape, and a person.

Yes, a person. They had taken one of their employees and digitally placed her on the tool bench. The headline said. “Good advice is the best tool”.

Recently, I read the column of a famous industrial psychologist. He was responding to the question about which assessment tools are the best in determining an employee’s fit. He said that there is nothing that beats a thoughtful conscientious discussion with a trained expert. That is something no tool can replace. Just like the ad said.

Of all the tools that are on your career bench, the best tool is what a trained expert can share with you through their experiences and training. Nothing can beat it. I often say that my pipe wrench is no good without Al my plumber using it. I have a lot of nice tools but Al can make them sing. He can fix the problem quickly with little mess and get us on our way. Great tools AND great advice.

Any career problems you need advice on-we here to help.

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