Alan's interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour

Do you ever get nervous in a job interview? How do employers react to you being nervous? This week’s podcast is from my conversation this past week with George Stroumboulopoulos, host of The Hour on CBC television. George has spent his entire professional career interviewing a wide range of interesting guests. I was invited to be a guest on his program to talk about the current state of the job market in Canada. One of the questions he asked me "are you nervous?" My honest response was "yes", this program is shot before a live audience, and it is the most popular show in Canada. Honestly, who really wouldn’t be somewhat nervous? After my honest response, immediately I could sense the connection with the audience and George, move to a more authentic and personal level. People relate to you when you let your guard down. There were two reminders to me as I pondered this experience, and how it relates to any interview situation.

1. Answer honestly and people will like and trust you more.

2. Being nervous is not a bad thing, it keeps you sharp and humble.

You can watch my interview with George here.