[MMM] | Why “You’re Just Lucky to Be in the Right Work” Is Simply Not Good Enough

Happy Monday morning!
“The greatest luxury is the luxury of being yourself.”
Does this sound familiar? Is it even true?
According to Gallup, 58% of Canadian professionals aren’t in the right work situation. One of the great myths is that being yourself is a luxury. My opening line this morning comes from an advertisement for Hilton, the luxury hotel and resort chain.
The irony of this statement is that being able to afford this kind of “getaway” is a strong indicator that you’re already pretty good at what you do. Does this type of success also mean you’re good at being yourself?
Yes, it does, but not often enough.
How do I know this?

Stress is the number one issue in the workplace and is a $350 billion dollar cost to organizations in the North America. Being yourself is a need, and when you ignore it, the cost is very, very high both in your professional and personal life.
The etymology of luxury is from the Latin luxuria: “excess, extravagant living, profusion; delicacy”. I believe it is one of the key challenges with our thinking about careers. That it is the lucky few, who get to be in a professional situation that is a great fit for them.
Being yourself at work is not a luxury. You don’t have to wait (and pay) for that precious one or two-week break at an exclusive resort just to return to the grind for the rest of the year.
It’s a need that is at the core of the overall quality of your life. It is imperative both to find the right role and the right organization, where your work is in alignment with who you are.
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Along the road with you!
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