7 ways your company can revitalize your career

We have been discussing the research from Harvard over the past two weeks. This is the final piece for this 3 part series. See last weeks 7 habits of ineffective careers by visiting our blog.

Here are 7 possible answers that organizations can use to revitalize your career:

Remove barriers – Managers need to be encouraged to stop blocking employees and remove internal hiring bureaucracy

Find the B players and nurture the keepers – They may not desire the executive suite but have a lot of internal knowledge and loyalty

Fresh assignments – Offer a different geographic location or part of an organization to offer lateral moves

Offer a mentoring program – This works bi- directionally. It impacts both the mentor and the less experienced

Education – Doing an MBA or taking an executive program adds more to your toolkit and is great for your mind

Sabbaticals – From micro to 1 year off, it is great for your sole and your soul

Leadership development – Training to help nurture and develop the skills and talents towards great leadership

Bonus idea:

Volunteering and contributing to others in need brings everything into perspective – everyone wins.

These are all great ideas. Organizations are complex. I think what will separate the good from the great employers is their ability to utilize all 7 of these elements within their organization.

P.S. Next week I will be sharing my Breakfast with Bill Gates

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What is one action that you could take to revitalize your career situation?