FLR | 5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,


Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!


I have two dogs myself, a beautiful golden retriever named Bob and a very furry Bernese Mountain Dog called Tom. They visit our office regularly to spend the day lying around in the boardroom giving good advice.


According to Forbes, dog-friendly offices contributed to the following advantages:
  • 76% of employees had an increased positive experience.
  • 51% of employees found an increase in collaboration amongst their teams.
  • 41% of employees have seen an increase in job satisfaction.
  • 28% of employees experienced a reduction in stress in the workplace.


We’ve experienced all of those benefits, and, even better, there is now a competition of who can get the most steps in with Bob & Tom.

Take dogs out of the picture for a moment. This sounds like a good [LQ] Leadership Intelligence in practice.

You don’t need a memorable holiday like Take Your Dog to Work Day to create opportunities for your team to collaborate, increase creativity and strengthen team relationships. It would be best if you simply took action consistent with your leadership beliefs and values, namely, live every day with integrity.


It’s simple, but it isn’t easy. How are you leveraging integrity to create opportunities for leadership development within your team today and every day?


Along the road with you!




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