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Good Monday morning,


I remember a time when I was young – it was my first time taking the bus, and I was supposed to meet my parents and some family friends at a specific time and place. I can’t recall all the details, but instead of getting on the red bus, I got on the green bus (or vice versa). A few hours later, I found myself in the safe hands of the Metropolitan Police Force and was reunited with my family.


Have you ever been lost? I mean really lost? I have noticed this recurring theme of feeling lost, and not being sure of the direction to follow. Your senses of security, confidence and decision making are affected.


You may relate to Martin Lake. He had been lost for 5 days near Alice Springs, Australia and it was reported that when found, “he looked like a fresh cooked lobster”. He had apparently decided to take one more look at the Outback before he was to fly back to Britain. Five days later, with no water, no hat, no sun block, and no map, he was finally rescued. I have been to that part of Austrailia; it is absolutely beautiful and dangerous at the same time. I have never experienced the type of heat that you get in the Outback.


This is not the entire story, however. The previous week he got lost in the exact same area, and was missing for 3 nights. He contacted police with his cell phone and was found after an air and ground search. The local police shared; “I think he was a bit embarrassed about it because he realized that people just don’t get lost in that area. He was also aware that he could have easily perished out there because you can’t really survive in the midday heat for more than a couple of days without water.”


If we could have watched him, I think we would have seen a similar pattern in both cases. To change the outcome, you need to change the pattern. If you are lost, or feel like you are getting lost again within your career, you need to change the way you are going about dealing with the problem. Get a map (a career plan), get a guide (a coach), and don’t forget your hat.
Along the road with you!

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