3 Ways to Improve your Chances in an Interview

Heads you win, tails you lose. Does it ever feel the interview process is random, like flipping a coin? What are the keys to a great interview? How do you calm your nerves? What kinds of questions stand out in an interview? This week’s podcast is part 3a from The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar. Peter Harris from Workopolis and I discussed interview preparation and the keys to a successful interview.

Lou Adler author of Hiring with your Head shared that 95% of hiring managers don’t enjoy the hiring process. According to John Hunter of Michigan State, the typical interview has only a 57 percent chance of predicting employment success in the long-term i.e., there is only a 7% greater chance than using a coin toss to determining whom to choose in the hiring process. Does that give you a good feeling heading into your next interview? I look at interviewing like a number of other areas of our lives: it is a skill that you need to develop; with skill comes greater “luck.”

Recently, I asked the question in our CareerPoll ; How would you rate your interview skills?

I am very confident in my skills 50%

I would say average 21%

Not strong at all 14%

Depends how I feel that day 7%

What interview skills? 7%

50% of jobseekers answered that they don’t have a high level of confidence in their interview skills. There are enough variables and competition in the job search process, you certainly need yourself on your side. Most professionals interview every few years for a new role. Imagine if you only drove every couple of years, would you feel confident driving on the 401? Probably not. Look at the interview like you would driving. You want to do some preparation and practice before you head into that first meeting. There are a few ways to reduce your stress, and improve your personal statistics when it comes to landing a role that you really really want:

  1. Be confident and clear about why you think you would be a good fit for the role.
  2. Bring consistent and tangible evidence that supports why you are a good fit.
  3. Let the employer know that you are confident in your ability to do a great job.

Bonus: Don’t be afraid to be personal.

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