3 ways to deal with the "insane" boss" | The Monday Morning Motivator

How good is your boss? 

Are you empowered, or frustrated by your manager?

Do you ever find yourself wondering “Am I the only sane one working here?” 


This week’s podcast is with Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D,  author of the book (surprise) Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Bernie is a psychologist and leading expert in workplace conflict resolution.


This book came about after years of research working with organizations and individual clients. It was particularly spurred on by the conversations that Albert and his daughter had after she started to work in her first professional role. She was profoundly confused by how bosses responded to issues within the work environment, and the undue stress created.


Research was conducted on the relationship between employees’ health and leadership by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. 3,100 professionals were surveyed, recording their blood pressure, cholesterol readings, and their relationship with their boss. The findings of the study are no surprise.  A person with a poor manager was 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack or some other major health related affect. Employees with strong managers, were 40% less likely to suffer heart-related health issues.


This begs the question, how do you deal with a “bad” boss. According to Albert, there are a few things that you can do:


1. Ask yourself, “Why am I still here?” You need to get to the heart of the matter, are you staying because of the money or too afraid to take next step in your career? If it’s for the money, then you will need to accept this for now and in those dark times you will need to remind yourself of your “why.” If the only reason you are staying is that you are afraid of looking for a new job, you need to face up to the reality that this is hurting you more than staying; face the fear.


2. Be realistic. Don’t expect changes in your boss as a result of you making changes in your own behaviour. Be prepared, observe carefully, and anticipate attacks that may come from your boss.


3. Become indispensable. Develop an area of expertise that your boss lacks. This area of knowledge will give you more bargaining power, and make you more valuable in the long run.


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