3 keys to landing the job you want

Help Wanted – tens of thousands of professionals needed for short-term employment on major international sporting event. Guaranteed great role and guaranteed unemployment upon completion. This week’s Olympic series podcast, is with Donna Wilson SR V.P HR for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Donna’s role was to oversee the hiring of the thousands of full time employees and volunteers that are responsible for the 21st Winter Olympics.

Hiring is both an art and a science, while balancing a short amount of resources to get the job done. What did Donna and her team look for when reviewing potential candidates? Well, the very first impression was the resumes that they received. Did you know the average manager spends less than one minute reviewing your resume? What can you do to get your resume to stand out from the crowd? What are some of the important elements of a good resume?

In our conversation, she shares some simple ideas that you and I can use to strengthen our professional packaging. Donna shared, “make sure that your personality shows up in your resume.” Like Donna, I have seen hundreds of resumes that look and sound the same.

Here are 3 ideas to improve your one-minute window of a potential new job:

1. Packaging matters. It will get people to stop, notice, and move to the next step. A great resume will get people to call you in for an interview;

2. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Make sure your resume, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are consistent in their design and messages. Don’t oversell or undersell; and,

3. Packaging will only take you so far. A great resume will get you the interview. It is up to you to get the job: people hire people not paper.

Like competing at the Olympics, this current job market is extremely competitive, you won’t come first without standing apart from your competitors.

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