3 Key benefits in identifying your strengths & finding the right career fit.

Are you thriving in your career? This week’s podcast with Jenifer Fox. M. Ed. Harvard grad and author of Your Childs Strengths – How to discover them, develop them and use them.Jenifer wanted to find the most effective way to help students thrive. The answer was very simple, if you helped them identify & use their strengths, a majority of students would excel in school.  

My team & I, have invested the past 20 years helping Canadian professionals with discovering & finding the right career fit & helping leaders thrive. Two independent surveys done by Oprah.com & Gallup, show only 20% of professionals could accurately quantify their strengths. The foundation to all of our work, is helping our clients to discover, develop & focus on their strengths. Jenifer shared in our conversation “You probably won’t find economic security or your life’s calling in an area of weakness.” 

  There are 3 key benefits in discovering your strengths; 

1. Career Search – It easier to market & differentiate yourself to potential employers. 

2. Career Security – Statistically you are more likely to be promoted, earn more income & less likely to be laid off. If you are laid off, you have a higher chance of finding a new role.

3. Career Satisfaction – Research shows a good career fit leads to 50% less stress and more personal & professional fulfillment.

How do you find your strengths?

1. Discover them; In a job interview, one of the core questions consistently 

asked, “what are your strengths?” I can speak from personal experience, most 

people are very generic in their responses, as a result, end up coming second to

a more “qualified” candidate (i.e. a candidate who really knew their strengths). 

Action – Take 15 minutes and look at your calendar from last week. Identify a time in your work that you enjoyed and felt good about the quality of results. This is a simple way to isolate your strengths in the context of your current work situation. Another way to measure this is to take our Free 15 Minute Career Test.

2. Use them; There is a wise saying, “Use them or loose them.” While not entirely

true, it is best if you are using your core skills on a consistent basis. Jenifer

stated “Every person can find success in life if they start focusing on the 

strengths they have, rather than on what they lack.”  

Action – Is there a role that may be better suited for your strengths? What can you do to put together a proactive plan with your boss to move towards this role?

Bonus Idea – Be positive, a positive outlook on your life is a key way to improve your personal & professional quality of life. (It also a good way to reduce your chance of a major stress related disease).

Discovering strengths is a simple and rewarding process. Everything we do in our lives is affected by our self awareness. Knowing your strengths can help you relate to your boss better, do your laundry with more efficiency and solve million dollar problems with less stress.


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Using my strengths, along the road with you!




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