26 Successful Canadian women share their thoughts on authentic success

Do you feel like a square peg working in a round hole? Do you sense the tension between your personal and professional roles? How does one integrate ‘who’ they are into ‘what’ they do?  

This week’s podcast is with Patricia Lovett-Reid Senior Vice-President of TD Waterhouse and author of Get Real – 26 Canadian Women share the secrets of authentic success. For the book, she interviewed 26 successful Canadian women who had found the right balance in their professional and personal lives.


Patricia interviewed a wide spectrum of very successful Canadian women, including Kerrin Lee-Gartner, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, Dr. Nancy Baxter, Surgeon, and Linda Wheler, Minister of Pastoral Care. What she discover may surprise you, Patricia shared.


“We’ve all heard about the ‘fast track’ or the ‘mommy track’,” explains Lovett-Reid, “But these can be molds to which women often feel they must conform, and which can trap them and prevent them from fulfilling themselves.”


What was the key element to success among the women that Patricia interviewed? “The authenticity track, begins and ends with you, because it’s all  about you, yourself and the principles by which you live your life. It’s about being real. When you are real you can truly contribute to the world  and you have a better overall quality of life – true success”  


The real key is to discover the ‘authenticity track’.  Start the journey towards discovering the right opportunity that honors your uniqueness.  


What are your thoughts about success? Join the conversation, share your wisdom below.  


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Authentically, along the road with you!


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