2006 Resolutions – which ones will YOU keep?

Only 51 more weeks left in 2006. You could start planning your 2007 New Year celebration — it’s never too early! If you are like most people, you have probably made some New Year resolutions. According to a study commissioned by Carpe Diem, an Australian drink manufacturer, there were approximately 435 million New Year resolutions made in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Here are some interesting results on which country was most likely to keep their resolutions:

Percentage of Countries’ Population Likely to Keep Resolutions for Period Longer than 4 Weeks:

Belgians: 53%

Dutch: 52%

Germans: 51%

Swiss: 46%

Austrians: 46%

Irish: 37% (which really offended me…hey, I was born in Dublin!)

Brits: 36% – as they say, God Save the Queen.

These results beg the question; "What is it in the culture of Belgium which enables a greater percentage of them to keep their resolutions?" (it must be the cocoa in the chocolate!)

I am not sure what kind of career goals that you have resolved to achieve (if any). Things like "return all voice mails", "get your resume upgraded", or "look for a new career" may have crossed your mind. It is only the first week – visit us at CareerJoy.com for more details on how we can help you stay on the resolution band wagon.