2 habits that can hold you back from reaching your career potential

We all have habits in our life. Olympic athletes have Olympic habits, while others with similar talent struggle. Our good habits such as a strong work ethic, regular exercise & consistency in our activity, help support the kind of career & life we want. Our poor habits interfere with these desires. That is a very simple idea, but we all relate to the challenge of changing habits in our lives. I heard a great quote this past week, “The key to achieving our goals is to align our habits with our desires.”  Do your career habits support your career desires?  

 Last week, I spoke about strengths with best-selling author Jenifer Fox. M. Ed. Harvard grad and author of Your Childs Strengths – How to discover them, develop them and use them. This week, I want to share some final thoughts from my conversation with Jenifer about the 2 major habits that can limit your career potential.

 The word “habit” originated in the 14 th century, describing a customary practice that comes from both & inner and outer states of being. I love that definition, our habits are a result of internal beliefs which affect outer actions. Interestingly, “Drug habit” arose in our culture in the late 1900s. 

What are the 2 career limiting habits that Jenifer shared?


1. The weakness habit – I have discovered many clients before starting in our Career Identity Program, have a much clearer picture of their weakness, than their strengths. Jenifer shared, “A majority of the energy in the school system and workplace has emphasized working on your weaknesses.”


2. The strengths assumption – Your strengths are obvious to those around you. Others assume that you know your own strengths well. I have found, in many cases, we can be blinded by self-bias, both positively and negatively. Only 20% of professionals have a clear & accurate perspective of their strengths. Jenifer stated “Disabled concepts can create disabled perspectives.”


Whether you are 25 or 45, it is never too soon to figure this stuff out. It really is not challenging as you think to change your habits, especially with a clear goal, some good tools and individualized coaching. The real benefit as Jenifer shared, “Meaningful lives are those that are filled with meaningful work. The journey to fulfillment begins with introspection, risk taking and, most of all, self-knowledge translated into good habits.” 

Want to improve your career situation this week, start with your habits. One small step for your career & one giant step towards a better future.


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Working on my habits, along the road with you! 



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