10 Coolest Jobs

A recent survey produced by AOL and Salary.com was conducted to gage people’s attitudes towards the sex appeal vs. the financial prospects in career choices and survey says these are the 10 Coolest jobs:
1. Firefighter
2. Flight attendants
3. CEO
4. Reporter
5. Interior Designer
6. Event Planner
7. Nurse
8. Teacher
9. Doctor
10. Lawyer

To be frank, I was surprised how common the titles sound. Surely there are other positions that are more unique and have more sex appeal. I think it speaks more to our culture’s familiarity to these professions than to their coolness factor.

Here’s a water cooler conversation, ask 3 of your peers to name the top 10 professions in the workforce. They would most likely give a short list. Most people don’t tend to know the options out there. No one thinks of Wine Merchant (buying and sampling wine), or Mystery Traveler (touring cities and reporting on them), or Brand/Product Namer (getting to name some of the world’s most popular products). The more we know and are aware of can be helpful in avoiding limitations when making career decisions.

We spend a good deal of our time helping our clients figure out what to do with their education and experience. With tools and frameworks and our depth of knowledge of over 30,000 job titles, we determine the 10 coolest jobs for them. I have to say there is a wonderful range of options. You just need to move beyond your own bias and knowledge base and start to reach out. Are you thinking you may need help with your top 10? Book a consultation and find out what your options really are.

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