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Strategic Approach to Recruiting

Ottawa Citizen Online Karyn Standen – Monday, September 14, 1998 The latest technology skills recruiting company to open in Ottawa is based on a concept that at least one human resource expert says is overdue. TalentLab.com™ was founded last month by Alan Kearns, a human resource consultant formerly with the Ottawa recruiting firm, The Employment

A social passion

Ottawa Citizen OnlineBy Hilary McLaughlin – July 19, 1999 In the increasingly congested world of high-tech recruiting, Ottawa’s TalentLab stands out — for all the right reasons. When Alan Kearns and partner Doug Martin founded the company a year ago, they outlined, as part of their mandate, both a corporate philosophy and a concrete strategy

Headhunters recast as high-tech talent agents

globeandmail.com By Shaun Markey – Wednesday, February 9, 2000 Ottawa — Sports superstars retain agents to negotiate contracts and represent their interests. So why not the same treatment for the new breed of tech superstars? Alan Kearns and Doug Martin believe they’re on track to perform that service. Their 18-month-old Kanata, Ont., firm, TalentLab, represents

Not your father's headhunter

As the world changes, tech recruiters are changing right along with it. The biggest surprise? In the online era, a talent scout is more important than ever. Canadian Business By Dawn Calleja – May 1, 2000 If you thought the rise of online job boards meant the end of the headhunter, think again. Sure, thousands

Agents? Call Them Career Customizers

"An employee with coveted skills may have no trouble finding a better deal, a better fit or just a fresh challenge. But few have much time to scope out their next moves." The New York Times By Elaine S. Silver – July 16, 2000 Rajiv Muradia was ready for a new gig. At 36, with

TalentLab Builds a Brand

Purple Squirrel By David Enders – November 2000 Focusing on relationships helped this Ottawa recruiting firm grow 400 percent in its first two years. George Burns knew a thing or two about successful relationships. The cigar-smoking straight man’s showbiz career spanned more than 70 years. He married partner Gracie Allen in 1926 and the two