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[FLR] Government Leadership; Investors, Innovators & Risk Takers

Happy Friday!   Next week is a very important week in Canada – it’s National Public Service Week. The theme is “proudly serving Canadians.”    There are almost 550,000 employees working in Federal departments, agencies, crown corporations, RCMP and the Canadian Forces. In my travels, I talk with a variety of people and often hear different perspectives around

[FLR] The Micromanager Makeover

Happy Friday!   To micromanage or not to micromanage, that is the question. There are different perspectives on this topic. Someone with an alternate perspective might ask the question, “when does a leader need to be more actively involved in the details of a project”? I think there are times to be more actively involved and times

[FLR] Here’s Why You Are So Lonely (and Frustrated) at Work

Happy Friday!   It is true that it is lonely at the top for leaders. It is especially true if you are a first time leader. According to a leadership poll by Harris Interactive, more than 70% of first time CEO’s feel lonely and 61% of them report that it hinders their performance.   The most

[MMM] Making Work More Human

Good Monday morning,   Back in the 90s was my first experience with seeing a colleague get a hair transplant. It was early days in that booming industry and let’s just say I don’t think the doctor did that great job on his scalp. Maybe I was paying too close attention knowing my future follicular challenges.  

[MMM] The Two Most Important Qualities for Leadership Success

Good Monday Morning,   You may know by now that I am a “car” guy. In fact, my licence plate says “CarJoy”.   My team and I are fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients doing leadership coaching in a mix of industries including the public sector, healthcare, finance, and, yes, auto manufacturers. While each

[MMM] 4 Ways to Create More “Luck” in Your Life

Happy Monday,   Any holiday that involves beer and community is popular. This weekend we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on ‘The Luck of the Irish’. First of all, I’m 100% purebred Irish, born in Dublin to a long line of Emerald Isle inhabitants. I feel I’ve

[FLR] 5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition

Happy Employee Appreciation Day,   Thank You.   It’s as simple as that. We all need to know that our work is noticed and valued. Recognizing a person who does goes that extra mile, or has an excellent attitude is not complex nor does it really cost you.    Smart leaders understand the return on investment of

[FLR] “Managers: Ask Yourself These Six Questions Daily”

Happy Friday,    What do you think is a good solution?  Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful.   A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions are often more

HRPA 2019 Annual Conference & Trade Show

Join us for the HRPA Annual Conference – Canada’s Largest HR Conference & Trade Show from January 31 to February 2nd, 2018 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre! Visit CareerJoy at booth #327 to learn about how our services can make work better for you. Plus, receive the chance to win a $2000 Career or Leadership

[FLR] “Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?”

Happy Friday,   In the TED talk linked below, Dr. Stuart Brown noticed a co-relation between play & its impact in all dimensions of our lives, including work. Leaders can find ways to increase productivity through introducing an environment that takes work a bit less seriously, but is more productive, smarter & more profitable at the same