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[MMM] The Safest Way to Make a Choice at Mid Career

Happy Monday morning,   The children’s section is one of my favourite spots in book stores. As a father, I loved finding a good book while I was travelling to read to my children when I came home. I am drawn to the design and wisdom in the simple characters and stories.   Two of

[MMM] Where Were You When…?

Happy Monday morning,   Where were you when the Raptors won the NBA Championship?   That will be a question that will be asked many a times over the next while. For me, I was on a flight to Vancouver and caught the end of the game with my daughter, her friends and my cousin.

[FLR] The Up, Down and Out of Leadership: Lessons from the World of the Municipal CAO

Happy Friday!   As we wrap up National Public Service Week this week, I am reminded that the leadership skills we’ve celebrated aren’t limited to just the public sector. Context is unique to each sector and industry but ultimately a good leader is a good leader regardless of where they work.   One interesting leadership skill that

[MMM] The Science of Leadership – 6 Core Skills To Pay Attention To

Happy Monday morning,   “Let me be clear.”   If you think, “geez, that sounds really familiar” it’s because it is. Many politicians use this as an anchoring statement to grab and hold your attention.    The last couple of weeks our team has been at a number of conferences for public sector leaders.  

[MMM] Leadership Lessons from Kawhi Leonard on why he’s not the best player on the Raptors …

Happy Monday,   I confess, I have joined the bandwagon. In a unusual set of events I was able to snag a ticket for the Raptors’ 5th game in the second round of the playoffs in Toronto. It was my very first NBA game. I even have a picture to prove it.     You

[FLR] Get your team to respect deadlines

Happy Friday,   I’ve never thought of the word in it’s two components.   Deadline.   Dead line.   The word originated in 19th century Civil War prisons as a physical line beyond which prisoners would be shot. Today, the word doesn’t carry the same consequences and we tend to view them a lot more flippantly.That explains

[FLR] Will artificial intelligence make you a better leader?

Happy Friday!   I remember the moment artificial intelligence (AI) first truly came to my attention. Two years ago, I was flying home from Kuwait via London and picked up a European magazine on business and strategy. The issue’s theme as all about AI and for me, this issue truly opened my eyes to the

[FLR] If you’re a bored manager, avoid the urge to meddle

Happy Friday,   Remember how good it felt to get that promotion? You know that promotion I’m talking about: the one you focused your career efforts towards for such a long time. Like many things in life, there is the “honeymoon” period during which you wake up with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Over time,

[FLR] Are You A “Likable” Leader?

Happy Friday,   As a leader there is an interesting balance to being “liked”. Research shows that there are three personality traits that stand out and make for collaborative and cooperative team members:   Selflessness Tolerance Flexibility   It makes sense. The more we like our leaders, the more we tend to respect them. I recognize it is

[MMM] Hold That Tiger – Leadership Lessons We Can All Learn From Tiger Woods

Happy Monday,   Where were you when Tiger Woods won his first Masters?   I read a fascinating tweet from a person who shared that she remembers just graduating from college when Tiger Woods won his first Masters. Her son is now just entering into college with Tiger’s win this past weekend.   You can