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[FLR] Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was listening to an interview about meetings at Google. A majority of meetings in their company are a maximum of 30 minutes; any longer and people will start leaving. I also heard of another company where the CEO holds meetings standing up to encourage focus and time efficiency. As you lead

[FLR] Why Older Workers Are The Happiest Employees

Happy Friday,       Is there age bias in our workforce? If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes we undervalue the role of the mature professional. Smart leaders will nurture & protect the benefits that employees with good experience can bring to an employer.   FastCompany |  Why Older Workers Are The Happiest Employees   Financial Post | Most Older Workers Who Leave

[MMM] The 6 Ways To Secure Your Future

Happy Monday morning,   Have you been thinking about your job security? How does job security play into your career decisions? It is a factor to some degree for everyone when planning next career steps. So regardless of how important traditional job security is to you, here are 6 steps to secure your future:   Surround

[MMM] When I grow up I want to be a consultant

What do you do if you’re an executive who resigns? You declare yourself a consultant. – Mo Ibrahim According to the Kennedy Information and Industry Intelligence Company, the consulting industry has grown at a 20% rate since the 1980s. The sector is a $118-billion industry. It is six times larger than 10 years ago, employing

[MMM] Are you waiting or creating?

Happy Tuesday Morning!   For the long weekend flew out to Calgary to visit some friends. As I was driving to the airport to meet my family, I spotted at least 30 limos parked in a holding area. The drivers were sitting in their cars, waiting for their turn to pick up passengers at the

[MMM] What do Grocery Shopping and Careers Have in Common?

This past weekend I was in the grocery store doing some grocery surfing — by that I mean that I was wandering the aisles, buying stuff in both an intentional and random type of way. I felt entertained, confused, satiated and tempted all in the course of one hour! There are two lessons I learned

[MMM] How Do You Know When It is Time To Retire?

Happy Monday,   As the song says: You gotta know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em. Well Vancouver Aquarium CEO John Nightingale is folding them.   On Thursday May 3rd he announced that it was time for him to retire from his role at the end of the year. He’s been with the Vancouver

[MMM] When Should You Go Back to the Drawing Board?

Happy Monday Morning!   Even professionals in their field of work such as Charles Schultz, the creator of the famous comic strip Charlie Brown, can lose track of the basics.   Charles often tells the story of a day when he was about 15 years into his comic strip, and he sat down to draw

[FLR] Taking Pride In Your Work

Happy Friday!   I was taking the train recently. When I got on the train I noticed one of the stewards named Ronald. He was well dressed with his tie in place, shoes polished and wearing a generally pleasant demeanor.   After putting my shoes up on the seat in front on me (which I must humbly confess to) Ronald

[FLR] Give Your Best, Not Your All!

Happy Friday!   There has been something that I have been wrestling with for the past little while. The more I have digested the thought, the more truth I sense in the statement.   Let’s say I had $100 in my pocket, and you asked me for a hand. I gave you all of my money,