Kevin Schafer (BA.Sc.) – Senior Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Kevin Schafer is a Career & Leadership Coach and Certified Career Strategist with 10 years of career coaching experience, proceeded by 16 years in the hi-tech industry and 5 years in the music industry. He is an Ambassador for Career Professionals of Canada in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Kevin is passionate about providing guidance for his clients with their career development strategies and is known as a coach who genuinely cares about every individual he works with. “I love to see my clients leave our first session from being a little anxious and not knowing what to expect, to being excited for the process and the journey that lies ahead.” He has spoken at conferences and community/educational events on career-related topics such as resume development, interview preparation, career goal setting and his favorite topic “networking”.

Kevin jokes that his middle name is “Coach”. Whether it’s coaching soccer, basketball, career coaching or volunteering, coaching is usually at the centre of his involvements. He is passionate about inspiring individuals to identify their goals and work towards improving their situation step-by-step. One of his volunteer involvements is as a mentor for “street engaged” youth, developing relationships with them and helping them make positive choices for the future.

Connect with Kevin

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kevinschafer

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/CoachSchafer

Success Stories

“[My Coach] provided me with a framework that helped me understand and give clarity to my thoughts. He was instrumental in guiding me towards an objective and helped give me the peace of mind and motivation to work towards it. Thanks a lot!” – Ryan

“I learned a more strategic and systematic method to crafting my resume, approaching a possible employer, preparing for interviews, and finding a job. Kevin was fantastic. He was willing to hear me out regarding my career goals as well as create a tailored experience that fit those goals perfectly. The value is immeasurable. I feel that I am now equipped to go out and find or even create the job that best fits my career goals and this would not have been possible without CareerJoy’s program. The one on one process was instrumental in talking out a path to finding the career that was right for me. The exercises and discussions could help anyone looking for a new career or someone who is looking to advance in their current one.” – S. Bullivant

“I found the coaching sessions, the materials, and activities that supported the sessions, as well as the weekly emails and tips to be extremely effective and motivating. I highly recommend this program to anyone in a career transition.

This program had a high value on both a personal and professional level. Personally, I have always struggled in deciding which career path to take. This program helped me to clearly define my strengths, natural abilities, and passions, and supported me every step of the way in discovering the right path for me. Professionally, this program was highly effective as well; I was provided suggestions and strategies for professional development, as well as ideas and motivation on resources to use to my advantage.” – H. Wallace

“My most satisfying success story, and the one that shows the most dramatic change, is a client who was severely depressed, who didn’t want to leave her house or even get out of bed. She was even hesitant to talk to me on the phone. Over the course of one phone conversation, I could hear a dramatic change in her voice and her demeanor. I was able to give her a word of hope and a solid, easy strategy for her next steps – which she followed. She ended up enrolling in school to pursue her passions and six years later she reports, “I am very happy with my job now…and I look forward to going to work every day.”

“I did get a much clearer sense of my strengths and weaknesses, and also have a general direction and a start of a strategy towards starting my next career.” – A. Szabo

“When you find yourself out of a job and you are behind the times on applying electronically. This gives you some direction. I regained a bit of confidence. I am more comfortable with the whole process of finding a job in a different field.I came to see what it took to change my career and what I was good at. The testing did that and I found areas I want to explore to find a better job.” – K. O’Donnell

“First and foremost, Kevin was an excellent coach for me. He first met with me when I was at a very low point and was able to relate to my situation and be a very sympathetic ear. CareerJoy has personally helped restore my self-esteem. It has also given my some useful resources for job hunting and assessing potential new jobs.” – D. Isaacs