Julie McGoldrick (BA Lit) – Certified Resume & Branding Coach


Julie McGoldrick (BA Lit)

I have spent the last 6 years as a Learning Specialist, involved in the design, development and facilitation of corporate training programs. I specialize in Personal Leadership training and development, Performance Management, all aspects of Recruiting, Onboarding and Succession Planning. Recently I have added Information Technology and Software training to my list.

I have a Project Management Certification and BA from McGill University. I also hold certifications in Adult Learning Principles, Instructional Design and Facilitation. With over 20 years of experience in the Retail and Food and Beverage industry and entrepreneurship, I have a wealth of knowledge to share. Curious by nature, I look forward to connecting with my clients to discover what motivates, inspires and drives them in life. I believe that within each person is a seed waiting to be watered. I particularly enjoy working with those individuals seeking to find their place in the world and open to exploring the unknown.

I enjoy cooking, reading, music and art. I believe that these interests help expand my appreciation of the uniqueness that my clients present to me. Certain flavours, colours and images come together to create something special and complex. Everyone is an individual and has a repertoire of experiences that shapes who they are, finding that out through our coaching conversations helps me identify the core of the individual and motivate them in a way that speaks to their inner person.

I believe my job is not to tell someone the path they need to follow but rather show them through their own eyes the journey that awaits them, if they are willing to take the first step and put in the work required.

I will use my knowledge of the human spirit to help you paint the picture of your career bliss. Together we will explore the depths of your desires and discover who you were meant to be.  If you are ready to discover your next step towards career fulfillment, I am waiting to offer you my hand.

Success Stories

“Julie delivered sound advice and assisted me in a strong and confident career transition. Julie supplied resources and most importantly guidance on how best to present myself, my skills and experience to achieve my current career goals. The knowledge she shared will help me continue to grow and focus on my future.”

– Nathalie Davidson, Account Manager – Building & Nurturing Relationships

Connect with Julie

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/julie-mcgoldrick/13/b13/aa2