Are you looking for Work. Made Better?

What We Offer & Why It Matters

Work has a profound effect on the quality of all of our lives. As you read this, you are looking for a specific role and fit; a place where you can grow and develop as a person and a professional. This is a team of great people; you will be able to contribute, be challenged, and at the same time, have a voice and input on decision-making and, more importantly, make a difference.

It’s not rocket science, but it is rare to find.

Every day we are focused on one thing: making work better for Canadian professionals. Our mission is to help every Canadian reach their full professional potential. We believe in the inherent value of the individual and are committed to supporting change, igniting growth, and providing practical wisdom for advancing our clients’ professional development.

This is based on four key drivers:

  • Human
  • Modern
  • Canadian
  • Results

What We Do

The world of work is competitive and complex. We are an award-winning National HR services firm focused on people and culture. We work with over 2000+ leading companies in Canada, including World Vision, Shopify, The United Way, Toyota Manufacturing, the City of Grand Prairie, and The Government of Canada. We have coaches from St.John’s to Victoria, extending our reach internationally to serve our clients where they are. We offer various people and culture services including outplacement, leadership development, career development, coaching circles, employee engagement, 360s, workshops, and much more.

We are in the business of making work better – each and every day.

Here is a glimpse of who we are, how we work together, and our guiding principles; the 4 C’s of working with CareerJoy:

Commitment |

We are committed to leading ourselves first, then others
We have a growth mindset – we seek feedback to learn and grow
We are committed to making work better for our clients, our teams, and ourselves
We are passionate about connecting on a human level and helping others
We value healthy performance and progress over perfection


Character |

Energetic and passionate team players with a high drive to connect with people
Resilient and adaptable – able to pivot to meet clients’ needs
Solutions and service-oriented
Take pride and ownership in the tasks of your role – the exciting new projects and the day-to-day details
Integrity – do what is right versus needing to be right
Have a professional presence while being human and having fun


Competencies |

Leadership Intelligence – we have high leadership intelligence and help others to develop and grow
Thinking inside and outside the box – the ability to think in a non-linear and linear way
Coaching – experienced and expert coaches within the public and private sectors
Supporting individuals through career transition and growth – a modern and human approach
Communication skills – the ability to articulate a message clearly and efficiently
Active Listening – listen to understand rather than listening to respond
Problem-Solving – approach problems as opportunities to grow and do better rather than as failures
Technical Savviness – we are naturals at picking up new technology and can hit the ground running with new systems and processes


Culture |

We work in a culture of respect – for ourselves and each other
We believe in what’s right – not who’s right.
The best approach usually starts with “yes, and…”
You don’t have to have all the answers to get started
We are a fast-paced, service-oriented culture that strives for continuous improvement
We get it done without fussing too much about structure and process. We believe in guiding principles rather than “rules”
We respond quickly and intentionally to meet our client’s needs, juggle multiple priorities, and help our team
We work independently and in project teams and are always willing to help our teammates
Everyone brings innovative ideas and solutions – we all have a voice
We all bring energy, humour, and thoughtfulness to our work and recognize that we are also human and have off days – and that is OK.