Annie LaPierre


After our meeting monday I contacted a designer in Montreal that I knew was looking for a sales rep. I told her I am starting a sales agency we meet last Friday in Montreal and it’s now official I will be representing her for spring line. So I will be starting to sell this August for spring. I will start with her line and will be looking to ad a new designer every season. She told me what I have to offer is very in demand she said a lots of designers deal with big agency in Toronto and are not getting the service they want… so its a great opportunity for me.

I already contact another designer and she sounded very interested in my service too. To be profitable I need to have a few deisgners 5 or 6 maybe more I think it might take a year or 2 but when things I going to start rolling it will be great.

I feel I am connecting the dots of my career from all my past experience and it just feels right. It it will be  great I can feel it!!!  It will be very rewarding . This is the right path for me. 

I want to thank you for everything you did. When you told me monday that I can’t be a in competitive situation, I can’t wait for the job posting I have to go out and get it.  Well this is what I did and it’s all because of your great advice.