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Whether you are "stuck", need direction, lacking vision or even a resume, CareerJoy will provide you value. Yes, Alan & his team does believe in career joy and will provide you with the tools that you need to find it. It was my pleasure to work with CareerJoy. Great listeners, keen, dedicated and professionaal. Highly recommended!!

I just wanted you to know that I recently accepted an articling position with a firm in Toronto.  I interviewed there about a week after meeting with you and it went very well.  The firm is just what I have been looking for – a focused boutique with the opportunity to get a lot of hands-on training and client interaction.  Thanks again for your help in preparing me for the interview.


I first heard of Alan while on a drive home after a hectic day in a job that simply wasn't leading me in the right direction. I remember pulling over to listen to the entire radio interview. He spoke of the importance of building a career around one's passions and talents. The challenge, of course, is to truly know what these are and how to harness them to build that fulfilling career. 

Two years passed before I began my journey with Alan and the Career Joy team. I chose a process which would help me uncover my natural abilities, identify my passions, and offer guidance and support during the job search phase. The experience has been incredibly rewarding and enriching. 

I can honestly say that I'm on my way to the right career for me. I only wish that I had the knowledge about myself that I have now... 20 years ago!"" 

Career Joy helped me to obtain what I consider a very good position with a nationally known company.  As you know, when I came to seek resume services and advice from Career Joy I had just been dismissed from my old position and had to go through litigation to obtain a rightful settlement.  Also I had age discrimination working against me as I was 57 at the time.

You helped me repackage myself with a completely revised resume which emphasized my accomplishments and strengths.  This proved helpful in getting me in front of more potential employers as I received more job interviews. The interview coaching you provided helped me answer correctly the tough questions.

It took almost 3 years but finally I was offered this position which I consider equal or better than the one I had previously.  My advice to other job seekers would be to be persistent and use the tools and resources of Career Joy. Its a jungle out there and you need every resource and advantage you can muster.

Just a quick note of appreciation. I really value our sessions and have learned a lot about myself and career direction. Thank you for your time and care throughout this process. 

CareerJoy never gave me the answers that I was looking for, but helped me to discover them for myself... In the end, it was like someone had turned on the lights for me... I am more confident about what I want to do and what I don't want to do.

To have a coach, who has a vested interest in me, is invaluable. Alan validated my ideas, my discoveries and challenged my thoughts, all while helping me to grow personally and professionally.

“I discovered CareerJoy when I was at a crossroads in my career. From our initial encounter, I felt that Alan understood my challenges and career frustrations, respected my needs, understood my expectations and promptly introduced me to a coach that he felt could best assist me. The coach he recommended was excellent, as were the assessment tools CareerJoy uses to help their clients through whatever career challenges they may be facing. I gained a lot of useful information from the coaching sessions and the various exercises I had to complete, and met many helpful people along the way. If anyone is considering a career change or exploring other options, I would recommend sitting down with Alan and learning about the excellent services he and his colleagues provide.”

CareerJoy is taking a different approach than traditional mainstream career counseling... (the) in-depth analysis and honest assessment greatly helped in restoring my self-confidence, unraveling my assumptions and identifying my competitive advantage and value proposition in the job market.

So I am the new ""Acting Manager of Service & Operations"".  I have the helpdesk and sysadmins reporting to me - a team of seven.I am happy - it is about 65% of the responsibility I was bucking forbut it is probably the the right size for me to be biting off right now with my experience level.

Thanks for your help!  I am sure I will be coming back to you ... definitely if they decide to do a formal interview process for the awarding of the final position.  But I definitely have the inside track thanks to CareerJoy.

“Alan is an enthusiastic thought leader, well beyond the typical career advisor. His natural curiosity drives exploration of the ever-changing world of “work” and what it means to us. In his webinars, Alan converses with great people -- well-known or not, experts and thinkers in various fields, and a broad range of people who have discovered how to turn their passions into rewarding careers -- and is highly skilled at drawing out relevant, practical insights from their work and personal stories. I always find them enlightening, as well as highly entertaining. Career is not something that can be happily separated from one’s personality, interests and inclinations, and CareerJoy works with you to examine them and find your own happy path.”

I just wanted to let you know how things are going and thank-you for all your help. I really appreciate it, and for the first time since I graduated I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

You have had a profound impact on me this year. I am very glad and happy to have met you. thank you for your support, insight and caring.

“It is hard to overstate the value that Alan and CareerJoy have added to the workforce. By making easily available good and varied advice on the aspects of the modern workplace, work/life balance, innovation, and personal growth, he has provided a valued resource for people looking for personal growth. Further, the information is current, accumulating, and immediately useful. In approaching the people at CareerJoy, I was struck by the immediacy and professionalism of their responses to me. Each person replied without fail in a helpful manner. It speaks to the effectiveness of Alan's leadership. Having spoken personally with Alan during a tele-workshop, I can attest to his clear style in delivering a message and the patience that he takes to hear out, understand, and appropriately respond to issues that are raised. I recommend CareerJoy highly.” 

I liked that there was never the feeling that you were just another client who would complete the program and be gone. Rather, I was made to feel that we were building a professional relationship that would extend beyond the completion of the program.

CareerJoy is like a career archaeologist. They painstakingly chips away at the years of junk that build up on a person's psyche, either by choice or by habit, to reveal the original find. That they can help you reclaim yourself by removing all this debris is enough; that they does it while preserving who you always were, is miraculous.

“CareerJoy provided me with an excellent set of tools that are helping me move myself and my company to the next level. One thing that Alan is exceptional at, is giving you the tools to peel back your own onion and let you see yourself and your company in a different light. To the point that there were times where I was speechless and for that I will always be grateful. For me, the crew at CareerJoy have provided a fantastic service and one that I will recommend to all.” 

CareerJoy provided me with the information and direction to figure out why I didn't like my current job. But, that's not all. The counselors and free information provided also helped me discover my "hidden" talents and passions and taught me how to weave these elements into a fantastic career. Strongly recommended if you need a change.

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help during my career search journey. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and have been very helpful in my finding a new position. In particular I found the time we spend before my first interview preparing and practicing to be invaluable.  

CareerJoy did a remarkable job assisting me in my transition from hockey to life after hockey. By going through the program I was able to identify areas of strength that were transferable to other industries. CareerJoy helped me pinpoint the natural abilities and skills I possess. CareerJoy has become a invaluable resource for me. 

I have been reading your Monday Motivators for the past couple of years since I finished my career identity programme with you, and each time I see it in my inbox, I think of dropping you a note to extend my ongoing thanks.  I still carry everything I learned during the programme and from our discussions with me daily.  After discovering that research and project management is exactly what I should be doing with my career, I remind myself every day that I have the power to make my job what I want it to be.

I also realized that I should let you know that the work we did during the programme have had tangible payoff, as that is a measurable result for you as well.  I am still with the same company, but I moved finally!) just over a year ago, and  after settling into a new routine here  I was also promoted (finally!) to Vice President this past February. Although I would like to be doing more on my specialty, and although I am not in the stimulating office environment in which I'd best perform (I still work from home), I am embracing the benefits of my situation and making the most of it.  I am planning to stay in this position for another year or so, then leverage the VP position into a position elsewhere that will allow me to do what I love but not be on my own every day.

I realize the value of the coaching CareerJoy provided me.  CareerJoy really gave me the tools to put my life back together, get back on the right track and start feeling like I am a really great person with lots of things to share with the world.  I hope CareerJoy continues to do what it does well. CareerJoy can make a positive impact on many people’s lives.

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