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The Student Career Identity Program

An education is a huge investment in you. These days, the average cost of university tuition has reached a whopping $50,000, while most students graduate with a $21,000 debt load. With all that money at stake – not to mention the years of hard work you’ll spend focused on your major – you don’t want to waste your energy on a career choice that you’ll end up regretting.

At CareerJoy, we are determined to help you find the path that is suited to your particular strengths and passions and also aligns with your need for a financially secure future in an every-changing marketplace.

The Student Career Identity Program® is designed to help you identify your best career fit early, so that you can choose the programs and courses within the postsecondary institutions, with confidence. Having worked one-on-one with High-School and University students from Victoria to St.Johns, our coaches really understand the pressure you are facing to get a solid career footing now.

Choosing a career path is a complex decision which cannot be answered with a set of generic skill inventory questions. Instead, our sophisticated process, uniquely tailored to you, will help you recognize your best fit inside the world of work. From there, you will be prepared to make wise decisions along the right career track rather than wasting time, money and energy on switching majors.

The Student Career Identity Program includes:

• 3 – 4 one-on-one, 1-hour coaching sessions with your career coach

• A 3-hour online assessment tool resulting in a report that measures your talents, strengths, motivation, personality style and areas to develop your strengths.

• A report that outlines career options best suited for your talents and interests

• Assessment of post-secondary options that will further your career plan

• Recommended reading and podcasts by leading thinkers in Canada on career development

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