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Do you wake up with the Monday morning blues – every day of the week? If so, you may be wrestling with the question of whether you are in the right career for you, and where to go from here.

But first, you need to figure out what you really want, and what is not working now. Perhaps your job doesn’t reflect who you are, or maybe you are just ready for a new role, or a new company, or even a brand new career.

Our Career Identity Program for Professionals is the perfect place to start. It will provide insight into what makes you tick from a career perspective. Starting with an in-depth evaluation of your unique experiences, interests, priorities and skills, it ends with a map that will take you to that next step. So stop wondering what career would fit you best, and start exploring your options.

The Career Identity Program for Professionals includes:

• The Biographical Career Report® – comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weakness, using the latest assessment tools and methodologies

• The Ability Assessment Tool® – 3-hour online skill benchmarking tool

• The Career Options Report® – identifies the full spectrum of your career options and highlights those with the greatest potential for you

• The Career Planning Tool® – your personalized map for the next steps in your career transition

• 7 coaching sessions – Working one-on-one with your coach to help you use the tools and reports in the most effective way and implement a plan to move forward on the right career path

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