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Have you always wondered what the right career was, to make VP, or to start your own business? Worried that if you jump ship now, you’ll be lost?

If you feel like you’ve gone as far as you can go in your current position, our Career Transition Program is for you. Starting with the Career Identity Program, it assesses all of your transferable skills and provides you with a list of your best career options. Then, once you have decided what’s next – whether that’s going back to school, applying for a new role, or even starting over in a new country – we put a plan in place to make your transition smooth.

From selecting educational courses, to marketing yourself in another industry, to learning to negotiate a higher salary – this is the premium package. Our personalized coaches will take you from personal assessment straight through to landing comfortably in that dream job.

The Career Transition Program includes:

• The Career Identity Program® – comprehensive assessment of your strengths and
weakness using the latest assessment tools and methodologies

• The Career Option Report® – identifies the full spectrum of your career options and
highlights those with the greatest potential for you

• The Career Search Program® – teaches you to market your unique talents, abilities and qualifications to get the job you want

• The Leadership Assessment Program – evaluation of key leadership strengths and weaknesses

• 15 One-on-one coaching sessions – provides ongoing support, interview and negotiation tools

• Leadership Resume Package – 3 page resume and professional cover letter designed for executives, directors and senior managers

• The 90-Day New Role Program® – provides ongoing support for successful integration in a new positionfor the first 90 days

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