Career Identity Program for Government Employees™

Looking to change your Government career but are not sure what government roles are best suited to you? Do you need a comprehensive assessment of your current role in government?

In our Career Identity Program for Government Employees™ you will work through a process that begins with our initial consultation and an expert assessment of your current career. With this assessment in hand, your career coach will assist you through one-to-one sessions complemented by various CareerJoy™ tools and resources. Together with your coach you will examine current and past government positions with the goal of identifying and developing a complete list of your experience, knowledge, abilities and personal suitabilities.

As part of this career evaluation, we will assist you in determining how to create your best work environment and we will provide a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses within the framework of your current position. Finally we will help to develop a strategic learning plan for the short- and long-term based on the goals and learning priorities of you and your employer.

The Career Identity Program for Government Employees™ includes:

  • The Ability Assessment Tool® – 3-hour online skill benchmarking tool
  • The Career Decision Tool® – identifies the full spectrum of your career options and is your personalized map for potential next steps in your career transition
  • 5 coaching sessions – Working one-on-one with your coach to help you use the tools and reports in the most effective way and implement a plan to move forward on the right Government career path

For more information, please contact Alan Kearns

at or 1-877-256-2569 x 101