YorkU Alumni | CareerClass 101 | Learn.Grow.Succeed | Get the Right Career Right Now!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Calling all YorkU Alumni!

Do you feel stuck and frustrated with your career path? Are you ready to get out there and go find a better match?  At CareerJoy, we believe that when it comes to your job, you deserve it all: minimal stress, work-life balance, and above all, the right career fit. 

Join me, Alan Kearns, head coach & founder of CareerJoy. I have over 20 years experience helping thousands of professionals find true career success. My goal is to make work better for you and I will be sharing tips and tricks with this free webinar for YorkU Alumni. 

You will learn: 
1. The 5 major shifts in the economy and how it is impacting your career & your future. 
2. The 8 myths about career success & failure. 
3. Take our FREE 15-minute career test 
4. 3 effective ways to cope with career change even if the change wasn’t planned (it is not you, it’s them.) 
5. What your personal brand is, and why it matters more than ever. (Hint: it is not about selling yourself!) 
6. The Digital Job Search 3.0 – How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. 

Invest 1 hour of your time to take control, advance your career and improve your future. 

It’s easy — call from wherever you are! It’s informal, fun, and could it be more convenient? Learn along with others — most are in a similar life situation, asking the same questions and facing the same challenges.

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