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Join our next free weekly 45 Minute CareerClass Webinar, Get the Right Career Right Now!, led by CareerJoy’s head coach Alan Kearns, author of Get the Right Job Right Now!

It’s easy — call from wherever you are!
It’s informal, fun, and could it be more convenient?
Learn along with others — most are in a similar life situation, asking the same questions and facing the same challenges.

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During this interactive conference call, Alan and up to 20 registrants will discuss the secrets of finding and keeping passion in your work life.

“I appreciated the time Alan took to be with complete strangers – that is very generous. I know my “personal self” well. This webinar is part of my efforts to understand and mine the strengths of my “professional self.” That was a beautiful take away from today.” Kelly, Workshop Participant

You will learn to identify your key strengths and how to use them to achieve true career success.

– Learn 3 effective ways to cope with career change
– Take our FREE 15-minute career test
– Developing your personal brand – Why? How? Where?
– The Digital Job Search 3.0 – How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
– Expand your networking contacts across Canada- Join our invitation-only group.

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