12 Hour GRAD Career Marathon | Get the Right Job Right Now! with Alan Kearns

Hear Alan Kearn as he joins TalentMarks and nearly two dozen authors, career experts, career coaches and technology providers from around the world as they come together to offer advice, tips and ideas to help graduates of the Class of 2011to help them re-engineer their vision of what a career is, and build job search and networking strategies.  Registration for these GRAD only events is at www.talentmarks.com

“The minute students receive their diploma they are pretty much on their own.  And, few parents can offer advice on how to manage a job search that is rapidly becoming dominated by Social Media and new tools and techniques. The 12 Hour GRAD Career Marathon & Summer Webinars, will not only provide grads much needed information, but also provide a platform for them to build relationships and encourage the community at large to develop solutions!” says Alan.

Don Philabaum, President & CEO of TalentMarks, “In the past weeks we’ve reached out to some of the top career authors, coaches and industry experts to see what we could do to help this year’s graduates.  All of our friends agreed to pull together and donate their time to offer the first ever 12 Hour Online GRAD Career Marathon and a 15 day GRAD Career Webinar Series.”

According to Philabaum, the authors, coaches, technology and service providers are hoping the 12 Hour GRAD Career Marathon and Summer GRAD Webinars will:

1.    Provide an environment where they can share issues with fellow job seekers

2.    Encourage businesses to hire more grads from the Class of 2011

Registration for these GRAD only events is at www.talentmarks.com