Lisa Rogers

Lisa is a quirky, fun, and upbeat woman with a good sense of what she wants and how to get it. It wasn’t always like that – she spent years thinking that she had to have an “important” career making lots of money. Having completed the Career Identity Program for Professionals, she has come to the realization that having time to relax and be with family is really what was “important” to her. As a result, she is growing her own bookkeeping business, making sure to leave room for the occasional leisurely afternoon and walking her six year old daughter to school every day!

Complete this sentence.

“If only I could….I’d be the happiest person alive….”

Volunteer for worthwhile causes doing things I loved, and still pay the bills.

Top 5 favorite movies?

The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life

If you could be a character from Star Wars, who would you be and why?

Princess Leah -she’s tough but still “girlie”!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?

Lie in a hammock and read.

What’s your most endearing quality?

I make a conscious effort to make people happy – to do or say something nice to the people I come in contact with.

In your opinion, which foods require ketchup?

French fries and burgers – and that’s about it. Now, my daughter on the other hand….

Name any TV commercials that make you laugh or cry.

I remember one about this parent who was imagining their daughter growing up, learning to walk, riding a bike, graduating, getting married…. Every single time I watched it, I cried. And that was before I had kids of my own – I can’t imagine what kind of reaction I’d have now!

Are you a cat or dog person?

I am a total dog person. I don’t get cats – one minute they want you’re attention and the next they don’t. Make up your minds!