Laurie Fenske – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Untitled design (5)Laurie Fenske (PFP, EPC, PCC) forged her coaching skills during a distinguished career in the financial services industry. After being mentored by her father at his investment firm, she grew into sales and management roles before following her passion into the world of coaching in 2015. Today, she offers solution-based coaching to clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Prior to embarking on her coaching career, Laurie developed a reputation for performance and achievement in positions with firms such as RBC Investments, Sunlife, The Co-operators and Servus. Along the way, she garnered a number of awards, including Financial Planner of the Year, Highest External Sales, Quick Start Achiever, and Western Region Builder. During her tenure in the Financial Services sector, she completed the PFP (Personal Financial Planner), EPC (Elder Planning Certificate) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designations.

Laurie’s coaching successes are shaped by a passion for engaging clients with powerful questions to find the best solutions within themselves. Recognizing that the clients have the resources, her coaching style embraces The Ericksonian principles: Change is inevitable; Client is OK; Client has the resources; Client makes the best choices; and Client has positive intentions. As a coach, Laurie applies these principles along with formal training, extensive past experience, and passion, to drive executives and teams to dig deep and find the growth for which they strive.

Laurie focuses her high-energy executive coaching sessions to achieve substantial improvements in the areas of productivity, leadership skills, staff management, and communication. In team coaching sessions, she utilizes behavioural analysis to enable team members to better understand their colleagues, in the goal of working together more harmoniously.

These days, Laurie is an energetic, contributing member to her community in the Edmonton area, along with her husband Dave. Avid fans of both football and hockey, they also enjoy watching curling and playing golf.

“I saw the angel in the marble, and I chiseled until I set it free.” – Michelangelo

Success Stories

“I benefited from Laurie’s skills as a coach on many occasions. Her focus on my needs and the coaching process allowed me to find and follow my path to greater success. I recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to advance themselves and their goals and objectives.” – Joseph S. CEO

“Laurie is an exceptional coach for those who wish to succeed. She guides diverse individuals to elevated performance in the same way that athletes’ coaches help them optimize their talents. Those whom Laurie coaches gain from not only her considerable skills, but also from her understanding of the pressures and importance of performance in business. Her leadership and coaching experience in competitive, performance-oriented business environments is a valuable and rare combination.” – T. Taylor, PBDM

“As a coach, I have a high standard for coaches and Laurie nailed it. She’s professional, completely focused on the client’s goals and helped me achieve more than I set out to. She has incredible coaching presence, takes her job very seriously and helps you raise your own standards by the way she practices what she preaches. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she exceeded my expectations and helped me over-deliver on my own goals.” – A. Task