Jim Dalling (B.A., Q.Med) – Certified Career & Leadership Coach

Jim DallingSince 1995 Jim has facilitated workshops across Canada, acting as a sounding board for the hopes and concerns of our nation. As a psychotherapist, mediator, workshop leader, speaker and coach Jim has helped thousands of people imagine new possibilities and enact real change in their lives. After working with Jim, clients know how to experience change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Colleagues know Jim as a highly creative, responsive, grounded leader. They count on Jim to bring both levity and sensitivity to the most delicate of situations. Clients know that Jim trusts in their creative process – even when they don’t. Jim is so fascinated by our shared human experience that he sometimes picks up on the small, obvious things that people miss. Clients are frequently shocked by the big impact these ‘small’ things can have on their lives.

Jim has a B.A. from Dalhousie University, a three year certificate in Gestalt methodologies, practices and leadership from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. Jim is a Qualified Mediator through ADR Atlantic.

“I’m trained in the art of clowning. Always in the here and now, accepting reality, and stating the obvious, sometimes uncomfortable truth, clowns are agents of change. They act with joy, sensitivity and above all else, love. Becoming a clown was a profound process of personal growth. I discovered how to embrace my flaws and laugh at all aspects of myself. I learned not only to celebrate failure, but to make it a transformative experience, an art.

I am also a surfer. Surfing is cerebral and intuitive. The ocean needs to be approached with curiosity and respect. What’s happening on the surface provides knowledge about what’s happening below. By paying attention I can position myself to avoid critically dangerous situations, make difficult jobs easier and be ready for when the perfect wave comes to take off on. Then it’s time to trust my gut and go.

A career transition can look like the ocean – vast and overwhelming. As both a career coach and surfer, I know the ocean and that positioning is everything. After working with me, you’ll be able to identify the right job and be in the right place to catch it.”

Success Stories

“Jim challenges you to look into the root of problems from a genuine place. Like any agent of change, he would not get a person to look squarely on at their trials and tribulations, fostering ownership of their frailties if he had not gone through that process himself. His own self discovery gives him the insight to push people to their potential, sometimes to uncomfortable places. Jim is at once curious and present. It is this infectious curiosity which makes people want to talk to him, but also makes him strive to find the ‘realness’ in every person and situation.”

Connect with Jim

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/jimdalling

LinkedIn – https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gestaltnovascotia