CareerJoy FAQ

You may be asking yourself: who am I and what work am I best suited for? How do I learn what careers are out there? What do I need to do? How can I help my staff with their career development or transition? At CareerJoy, we offer expert advice, tools, and coaching resources to help our clients answer these types of career questions.

We are the largest independently owned boutique career & leadership organization in Canada. Headed by Head Coach & Founder, Alan Kearns, CareerJoy evolved out of a recruitment firm over 13 years ago, recognizing that there was a need for professionals who would benefit from independent, strategic career advice. Our approach is practical and directly applicable to the current Canadian employment marketplace, rather than a counselling/therapy approach to coaching.

We are proud to have worked with such organizations as Alcatel, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, Deloitte, the Government of Canada, Grand & Toy, Heart & Stroke Foundation, the Ottawa Senators, Petro Canada, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Subaru, to name a few. Additionally, we have been chosen as the official career coaching firm for the alumni of Athabasca University, Bishop’s University, Carleton University, Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, New Brunswick Community College, University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law, Nipissing University, Ontario College of Art and Design, Queen’s University Faculty of Law, Ryerson University, University of Toronto, University of Windsor Law School, and York University.

Having worked with thousands of individuals, and over 500 organizations across Canada, we understand both the employer’s perspective and your desire to be relevant in today’s marketplace, in addition to finding the situation that meets both your professional and personal needs. CareerJoy has the professionalism and network of a national organization, with the personalized customization that individual coaching can provide.

During the course of your program, you will be working one to one with a dedicated certified career coach, supported by a team of specialists in Résumé & LinkedIn Branding, Career Options, and Assessments. Unlike most other career coaching organizations, CareerJoy employs a team approach, leveraging the skills, talents, and network of many unique professionals from different industries and backgrounds, in order to specifically target our clients’ objectives and move them forward in order to turn goals into reality.

Our clients are provided with access to CareerJoy’s copyrighted resources including tools, assignments, assessments, written materials, podcasts, videos and more. This resource library assists our clients in understanding their past work experiences and family background, their natural talents and abilities, their passions, values, and lifestyle and their most memorable life achievements and how all of these relate to their career. Our tools also help our clients with developing effective networking, salary negotiation, and interviewing skills.

CareerJoy works – we guarantee it.

CareerJoy offers a multitude of services for both Individuals & Employers, including:

If you have career issues or questions you wish to resolve, CareerJoy is for you. Whatever your career challenge, we have trained professionals who will provide clear, unbiased advice. Whether you need help moving forward in your current job, want advice about whether and how to make a career transition, or you just want objective tools to identify your talents and abilities, call us: we can help bring all of your career options into focus. If you are an employer, you can rely on CareerJoy’s multitude of services to assist you, your staff and your organization in the areas of career and leadership development and organizational transition.

Our clients are not interested in having an average career. They are interested in maximizing their potential, and come from all fields and levels. Twenty-five percent of our clients are students & young professionals, 45% of our clients are mid-level professionals, and 30% are senior leaders & executives. They call us because, like you, they need help with a specific issue and/or are frustrated in their current position. They may feel like their career has stalled, or that they have settled for second-best and are itching for more. A lot of the people we see have shifted their perspective on work and are beginning to view their career as an important part of their lifestyle. In addition to seeking more work-life balance, they want to achieve financial success without compromising who they are.

Yes. We help many students figure out what career path really suits them, then guide their course and program selection early. If you are choosing post-secondary options and need help with your decisions, this is the program to you. When you are investing so much time, energy and money in education, it is comforting to know that you are lining up core courses that will optimize your career options and make that inevitable job search easier. If you have already graduated, our Foundational programs will be a better fit for you.

Not necessarily. Lives and careers are complicated. There are many critical choices to be made and factors to weigh – most that you probably have never considered. The research of Ron Rensick, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, uncovered a phenomenon called “change blindness,” where people struggle to see even obvious changes in otherwise identical photographs. At CareerJoy, we have found that most people undergo a similar struggle in identifying the changes they need to make in their careers and lifestyles. It is often easier to experience that “aha!” moment when you have the benefit of an objective person who can see your issues more clearly. And our team of trained coaches is here to do just that. Additionally, research shows that 94% of business professionals who invest in a career coach advance with less stress, into a better position with more income. Using a career coach isn’t admitting failure – it’s a strategic investment.

We won’t tell you what colour you are or give you a Myers-Briggs personality test to determine your career future. These one-size-fits-all types of tests are only a very basic start and they have two main limitations. First, they are not sophisticated enough to tailor the results to the uniqueness of the individual. Therefore, you end up with a list of very general options that may or may not suit your particular talents and needs. Second, these generic tests are never current enough to point you to your options in real time, the choices that actually exist for you on a day-to-day basis. Our coaches offer great value by drawing on real-world knowledge and opportunities and can tailor these to your unique situation.

The majority of our clients have a busy professional and personal life. We have designed our service so that it’s accessible to you, and we can accommodate you in terms of location and time, in order to best work with you and your coach’s schedule. This can be accomplished one-on-one in person at any of our offices in Toronto, Markham, Montreal, Mississauga, Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver. If you are not near our offices, keep in mind that one-on-one coaching via Skype is equally effective and more flexible for many professionals. In fact, we coach individuals from a variety of countries all over the world remotely and have had terrific success.
A good way to start is to reach out for a complimentary conversation with Brittany Knapp, Manager of Client Services toll free at 1.877.256.2569. Alternatively, email or fill out this form to book an initial appointment. We will work around your professional schedule.

If you sign up for one of the programs listed on our Individual Services page, you will work through a number of coaching sessions in order to reach your goals. The framework for the coaching sessions are the assessments and tools provided with each program. Sessions are generally 60 minutes long. Each program is designed to help you reach your career goals as efficiently as possible. But keep in mind that each step in the process will provide you with strategic career information you can put to use right away.

Unlike recruiting companies, we work only for you – not a hiring manager. To be clear, we are not hired by companies to fill positions for them. We are career consultants and coaches, and will coach you through every step of your career transition process to help you find your best career experience. And once you have worked with us, you won’t need a hiring agency. That’s because we will lead you step-by-step to reaching your career goals.

As a result of coaching, some people do make a total career transition. However, the majority of our clients use career coaching to clarify their career goals and to improve their current job situation. Our job is not to recommend that you quit your job or go back to school and start over. It is to help you discover what is working in your career, what isn’t, and how you can improve it. Through coaching, we guide you through the steps that will help you understand your feelings and abilities as they relate to your career. As your needs come into focus, so will your career objectives.

We have a wide variety of career coaching packages and resume services. Our Resume Programs range in price from $299 to $749 with several packages offering one or more individual coaching sessions. Our Career Coaching Programs are personalized and tailored for the individual. They range in investment from our “Essential” programs at $699, to our “Foundation” programs from $1100 to $1900, to our Professional programs from $2600 to $7100, and our Leadership/Executive programs  from $5000 to $10,000.

We understand that the need to reconsider your career can be a sudden realization, and that you may not have budgeted for the investment needed to make the kind of career change you’re envisioning. We can be flexible in our payment arrangement, offering no-interest payment plans, if this will help you get into the career that fits you better. We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer payments, as well as PayPal.

Working with our team of career coaches at CareerJoy means you will enjoy a more personalized, customized approach to career coaching through one-to-one meetings rather than group sessions. Our coaches provide strategic, yet practical, career advice and guidance. In addition, we are known for our innovative framework which includes multiple tools and a team approach. CareerJoy works – we guarantee it! Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our services. We match each client with the coach we feel is the best fit. If a client were to decide that the coach they are working with is not their best fit, we will find you a more suitable match.

Yes! We can help you find the next job in your career path. Since we aren’t paid by companies to find people, we will honestly assess your abilities and needs and we will give you unbiased, valuable advice, which in turn you can use to land your next opportunity. We help our clients find work faster and with less stress.

The majority of our clients utilize all of the coaching sessions in their program. However, we recognize that circumstances can change while going through the program. If you have started the program and your circumstances change, we would be pleased to offer you a credit of any outstanding services towards future career development within a period of 18 months with our company.

Yes! Should you complete a program and wish to go further, we can customize ‘à la carte’ options to suit your needs. Just ask your coach for further details.

Our privacy policy gives you our guarantee that your information and profile will not be shared.

As a starting place, many clients benefit from a complimentary 15-minute “career chat” by phone or Skype with one of our team members to discuss your unique career needs.

This session gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts about your career and to answer questions designed to assess your suitability for our programs. Through the assessment, we’ll be able to recommend the next step that matches your needs. Often, we can offer insights that are immediately useful in your situation and sometimes the assessment is all you need to achieve career satisfaction.

For further information, contact Brittany Knapp, Manager of Client Services at 1.877.256.2569 or