Employee to Entrepreneur Program

“I liked that there was never the feeling that you were just another client who would complete the program and be gone. Rather, I was made to feel that we were building a professional relationship that would extend beyond the completion of the program.”

Mark Chisamore, MBA, Management Consultant, Deloitte

Take this opportunity to benefit from the experience of Alan Kearns, CareerJoy’s Head Coach. Alan has led three successful start-ups and was voted as one of Ottawa’s top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

Work through eight one-on-one sessions with Alan to understand the key issues involved in starting your own business:

  1. Determine whether you should take the entrepreneurial step
  2. Evaluate the kind of business opportunities are best suited for you
  3. Discover what are your entrepreneurial strengths and potential gaps
  4. Identity your leadership skills and style
  5. Develop a strategic business plan
  6. Identify critical markets
  7. Understand your negotiation style
  8. Design a personal and professional get started plan!