Work Made Better = Life Made Better

We understand the importance of finding a great career “fit”. From assisting individuals with honing in on the best options, to tangible help with the job search itself, we love being a part of watching individuals create their own success stories.

Do you know someone who feels “stuck” and needs to identify their career path, or someone who could use some guidance in order to land the role they have been looking for? We want to help. Nominate your friend or family member for an opportunity that can have a deep impact on the rest of their lives. Send us the background of their situation and how they would benefit from this program to


Each month we will be offering a customized coaching program valued at $1000 for one deserving individual.

Entries are accepted from the 1st to the 21st of each month, with the winner announced on the 25th.

Send their story to:

FullSizeRender Congratulations to Patrick Stapleton, recipient of our February 2017 giveaway!

Patrick says, “I have finally come to the realization that I am in a profession that does not provide me with the happiness or fulfillment that I am looking for in a career. I am hoping that the Career Joy coaching program will help me identify what I am best suited based on my interests, personality and skills and provide me with the guidance and direction to help find my true calling.”



Congratulations to Jennifer Hughes, recipient of our January 2017 giveaway!

Jennifer says, I have spent the last few years in my current job repeatedly saying, “I know there is a career out there that I’m better suited for, I just don’t know how or where to find it!”

“I believe the type of personalized coaching I will receive with CareerJoy will help me find the answer that I have been looking for. I look forward to exploring different and exciting avenues for personal and professional growth as I discover a new path and purpose.”

Cliff_Profile_S (1)Congratulations to Cliff Black, recipient of our August 2016 giveaway!

Cliff says, “I have been working at my current job for the past 10 years and have learned a great deal of how the company operates.

I am looking forward to working with a coach to further develop my strong analytical and problem solving skill set. I am excited to work with a coach and gain advice on where my skills lie, and how I can advance my career!”


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.08.49 PMCongratulations to Kristen Wood-Phillip, the recipient of our July 2016 giveaway!

Kristen says, “After a five year absence from the workforce, I look forward to working with a professional that can help me put my job search ‘into perspective’ both in terms of managing my expectations and seeing potential opportunities for my skill set.

I am hoping this coaching will allow me to objectively examine my 19-year career in order to highlight the skills and experiences for which employers are currently searching. I hope to learn how to target my job search to create more successful applications resulting in interview opportunities.”

Congrats, Kristen! We look forward to assisting you in clarifying your career goals, and discovering your next opportunity!

JuneCongratulations to Dr. Rima Thapar, the recipient of our June 2016 giveaway!

Rima says, “This coaching will give me so much! It will give me direction and the right action steps to expand my business and teach me insights where there is a lack of knowledge. It will give me the chance to share my story to shed light on others when they need to know that they are not alone. It will give me the opportunity to refine my skills on paper and present it in such a manner that I can get that job to fulfill my needs at this very moment in order grow my business to where it needs to be. It will provide a pathway to a new life as David and I integrate our lives together and in the near future, create a family to provide love and knowledge to new spirit entering this world.

Thank you Career Joy for taking the time to get to know my spirit inside of me and not just my education and work experience.”

EmilyChan Headshot_highresCongratulations to Emily Chan, the recipient of our April 2016 giveaway!

Emily says, “This Career Coaching Program will help to determine what’s out there, where I should go from here and how to find passion in a career. I have trouble determining what in life I am passionate about – I don’t particularly love anything and often find myself dabbling in many things. I’m just lost.”

We are looking forward to assisting Emily with discovering how her personality profile, skills, talents and values can come together in order to set practical and tangible career goals and find a fulfilling role.