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Client Career Coaching, Counselling & Transition Success Stories from Young Professionals to Senior Leaders

Greg Shumelda

Senior Research Analyst, Colleges & Institutes Canada

Just wanted to share my CareerJoy success story with you.  [My Coach] was absolutely instrumental in helping me to land the brand-new job.   First of all, he found the job ad for me in a listing service I did not know about and coached me on the initial application stage.  When I was selected

Katie Waring, CHRL

Talent Advisor, Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh

I wanted to pass on the feedback to you that I was incredibly impressed and pleased with the service and support that [your coach] provided. She was professional and warm. It was exactly what we needed with this sensitive termination and she had the employee leaving in a much better and supported state than we

Ryan Malmberg

[My Coach] provided me with a framework that helped me understand and give clarity to my thoughts. He was instrumental in guiding me towards an objective and helped give me the peace of mind and motivation to work towards it. Thanks a lot!   – Ryan Malmberg

Jean-François Claude

Founder, The Men’s D.epression E.ducation N.etwork (

Following a depression-related leave of absence from work, Career Joy’s Career Identity Program for Professionals was just the prescription I needed to reorient myself, and help me identify and pursue my calling.   Using the latest in assessment tools and methodologies – combined with personal, one-on-one coaching – [my coach] worked with me to develop my action plan

Spencer Bullivant

The one on one process was instrumental in talking out a path to finding the career that was right for me. The exercises and discussions could help anyone looking for a new career or someone who is looking to advance in their current one.   The value is immeasurable. I feel that I am now

Hanna Wallace

I found the coaching sessions, the materials and activities that supported the sessions, as well as the weekly emails and tips to be extremely effective and motivating. I highly recommend this program to anyone in a career transition.   This program had a high value on both a personal and professional level. Personally, I have

Carrie McVeigh, CHRP

Manager, Human Resources & Labour Relations at Envirotest Canada (AirCare Program)

It is without hesitation that I recommend CareerJoy as a top firm in providing career transition services. While in the process of winding down our organization, we surveyed staff to determine what types of transition services were important to them. It was based on this survey that we interviewed CareerJoy to see if they were

Ed Theobald

GM, Envirotest Canada

Alan and his team at CareerJoy were responsible not only for providing very valuable services to my soon-to-be-out-of-jobs 125-person team , but also turning around the morale of the organization in this tough time.   Before the employees went through their group and their one-on-one sessions with the CareerJoy professionals, there was a distinct feeling

Sean Pronger

Regional Director, Delaware Investments

CareerJoy did a remarkable job assisting me in my transition from hockey to life after hockey. By going through the program I was able to identify areas of strength that were transferable to other industries. CareerJoy helped me pinpoint the natural abilities and skills I possess. CareerJoy has become a invaluable resource for me.  

John Spicer

“Alan is an enthusiastic thought leader, well beyond the typical career advisor. His natural curiosity drives exploration of the ever-changing world of “work” and what it means to us. In his webinars, Alan converses with great people — well-known or not, experts and thinkers in various fields, and a broad range of people who have