[FLR] August 18 | The “Leadership” Edition

Happy Friday,   In my first role as an executive recruiter, I worked for an organization that truly approached the way it led & managed its organization from a different perspective.   The org chart said it all.   The President was at the bottom.   He truly believed in the concept of servant leadership.

[MMM] 3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Next Career Opportunity

Happy Monday morning,   They say in life that things happen in threes, except, I’m thankful that kids come one at a time (mostly). It seems that there are patterns in our lives. Opportunities and challenges that tend to happen in a set of sequences. I think it is the same with our careers. There often

[FLR] Why Conflict Should be Embraced

Happy Friday,   Conflicts are part of any work situation. In fact, a lot of leadership coaching is structured around teaching professionals how to navigate around and communicate difficult messages.   Conflicts are not always bad. They can be a sign of a strongly engaged group of employees who truly care.   SHRM | Why

[MMM] Set Your Goals High and Don’t Give Up Until You Reach Them

Good Tuesday morning,   Help wanted! Must be: 5’9″ tall Good eyesight Team player Curious by nature Good hand-eye coordination Bilingual Great public speaker Quick learner Multi-tasker Good with heights Extremely well educated   Sound like you? Unfortunately, you missed the window for this opportunity.   The Canadian Space Agency has just announced two new

The “Apology” Edition

Happy Friday!   I was in line at Tim Hortons only to realize that I had “jumped the cue”. The irony was that the person I jumped in front of said, “I’m sorry”. I replied, “Only in Canada would we say sorry to the person who butted in front of us.”   Leadership is like

Work. Made Easy. (It is, in Zachary’s Case.)

Happy Monday!   Planes, trains and automobiles; this has been my week. I have spent this week in three cities: my home base Ottawa, our office in Vancouver for meetings, then back to Toronto. I travel often and on multiple forms of transportation. I have met a variety of pleasant people, and the odd grumpy person, along my trips. One person stood

[FLR] How Busy Leaders Take Time to Think

Happy Friday!   This past week, each day I have been taking 15 minutes to listen and think. I don’t look at my phone or email.   I am just present.   As leaders, we are all busy. Taking the time to process and think is key to clearer decision making and better performance. It also leads to the

[MMM] | The “Not So Secret Thing” About Hiring Great People

July 24, 2017 | The “Team” Edition   Happy Monday!   This past week, I spent time at our Vancouver office. One of the things I noticed when walking around the city were the amount of people wearing Blue Jays hats.   There are two indicators of summer in Canada: the weather and the Toronto Blue Jays playing baseball.

[FLR] | Managers, Here’s Why You’re Promoting the Wrong People

July 21, 2017 | The “People” Edition   It’s a very simple concept.   Want a great company? Hire great people.   Want a good company? Hire good people.   Want an average company? Hire average people.   Want a struggling company? Hire those who struggle.   Great companies are built with one and only one ingredient   Great people.

[MMM] | A Career That Spans From A (Astronaut) to G (Governor General) | Monday Morning Motivator

July 17, 2017 | The “Achieve” Edition   You may have seen recent announcement about the Governor General of Canada position.   Our current Governor, David Johnson, is stepping down after seven years of service.   Our new Governor General role has been filled with Julie Payette, the winning candidate. She is the first person in this role who