[MMM] How to be more “human” as a leader

Good Monday morning,   I was travelling back from our Vancouver office this week. Upon entering the plane the flight attendant asked me how I was today and I responded politely “Fine, thank you.” I then asked her how her day was going.   She paused a moment and replied, “Thanks for asking, nobody ever asks me that.”

[FLR] Stress as a positive emotion

Happy Friday!   We all know leaders are rarely impacted by stress, right? I’m sure you are thinking to yourself right now, “Alan, what planet are you on?” and you are correct in thinking that. We are all impacted by stress in many ways during our lives, and leaders are not immune.   We can

[MMM] Career “Stretching” for Growth

Good Monday morning,   A few years ago, I was leaving my office on a winter day when I slipped on some ice and tore the ligaments in my left ankle. Ironically, even though I had been running for over ten years without injury, I was unable to run for the next three months, all because

[FLR] How Leaders Can Be Supportive

Happy Friday!   As a leader here at CareerJoy, I am constantly working with people. The longer I have worked with people the more I have seen the complexities of humans’ personal and professional sides. Sometimes we try to segregate those parts of our lives, but often where they bleed together is in dealing with

[MMM] One Thing to Be Truly Thankful for in Your Career

Good morning,   I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   A few years ago I went to New York City for four days over Thanksgiving. NYC is a city of contrasts – from the highest paid world-class professionals working in the arts, entertainment, fashion, medicine and business to all those struggling to survive, hawking knock-off

[FLR] 4 Ways to Improve Your Office’s Work Environment

Happy Friday!   Hockey season has started. One of the things I most enjoy most about sports is how directly environment and human performance can be measured in terms of results. I grew up in Toronto and it’s been a very long time since the Toronto Maple Leafs have truly reached their potential. Why is that?  

[MMM] Work Either Defines Or Aligns With You (& Why That Matters)

Good Monday morning,   Abraham Maslow said the greatest unmet need of people is our need for a sense of knowing who we are and for belonging.   He shared, “We hunger for an identity. We buy what we buy to remind ourselves – and tell the world around us – who we are.”   Advertisers play this

[FLR] 4 Essential Skills CEOs of the Future Have to Have

Happy Friday!   As the landscape of the world of work changes so do the leadership skills required.   According to Reid Hoffman the CEO of LinkedIn, these are the 4 key skills required to lead well in these times. 1) Purpose 2) Ability to empower employees 3) Willingness to learn new things 4) Active engagement

[MMM] Is Your Job Big Enough For Your Soul?

Happy Monday Morning!   Is it possible to do work that contributes in a way that is both meaningful, makes a positive impact and provides a great living?   While she was still with Unilever, Alison Leung, former Marketing Director of Dove, shared her story on my Career Conversations podcast. Her insight is ageless: Listen Here.   Alison

[FLR] | Smart Leaders Know the Difference Between Complex & Complicated. Do You?

Happy Friday!   For leaders, there are two certainties in our world.   1. There will be more competition. 2. There will be more complexity.   Your ability to thrive as a leader is a direct result of your willingness and skill in dealing with both.   It’s that simple and complex.   Inc. | Smart Leaders Know