[FLR] | Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning

We’ve all had that moment when what we thought we knew for certain turned out to be wrong. Maybe it was that person you thought was a great hire, a new business area that you were “sure” was a winner, or a product that you were convinced was going to fail.   We call those “aha’ moments. These

[MMM] | Survey Says These Are The Most Resilient Places to Build a Career in Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada announced the BDC Entrepreneurial Resiliency Award. This award is focused on recognizing a Canadian business that has undergone a successful turn around and become stronger as a result of it. defines resiliency as the ability to spring back and recover readily from adversity.   The Grosvenor Resilient Cities Research Report looks at “the ability of cities to

Personality Traits Found in Successful Leaders

There has been much discussion around the personality types of leaders. There are so many types of leadership personalities: the “Jack Welch way”, the “Steve Jobs way”, the “Justin Trudeau way”…   So what is the best personality type of a leader?   Answer: Yours.   The reality is that all kinds of personality types are leaders and the key is to know

[MMM] | This small (but important) change will make all the difference in your career

Good Monday morning,   “I want to learn how to play the piano in 2018.”   “I am committed to learning how to play the piano in 2018.”   I was reminded of the nuanced difference between these statements during a recent executive coaching session I was conducting. My client shared that she wants to be better at timely decisions.

[FLR] | Why the future belongs to tough-minded optimists

Everybody has it. Well that may not be exactly true, not everyone has it, but the best leaders do.   It’s optimism.   You don’t dedicate your time and energy to your work unless you believe that you are going to make progress in your discipline of medicine, law, finance, technology, social justice or economics. In this sense optimism “created” Facebook, Tesla,

[MMM] Relationships, relationships, relationships

Good Monday morning,   They say in real estate there is one principle that matters the most: location, location, location (especially if you live in Vancouver). What if we knew, with certainty, the one principle that would lead to actual fulfillment in our lives?   As a society, we value many things. Looking at research around what millennials

[FLR] | 5 Leadership Habits All Great Bosses Share

Habits. We all have them.   A latin word from the early 14th century, meaning “customary practice” or “usual mode of action” it was applied to both inner and outer states of being.   When we think of habits we sometimes think immediately of the ones we need to break, or the ones we considered

[MMM] Investing your time in 2018

Good Monday morning,   This is truly your official first work Monday of 2018. That still feels strange to say and I’m sure I will be writing 2017 for a bit.   It’s hard to imagine that it was 18 years ago since the whole “Y2K scare.” I remember turning on CNN and watching the clock turn midnight in Australia to make sure that the world was

[FLR] | Six Secrets Of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Happy Friday,   Like many leaders, I am sure that you have laid out a new set of goals for this new year and maybe even some resolutions.   It’s hard to believe that we have completed the first work week of 2018. One of my goals was to read more this year, by removing for the

[MMM] | Dealing with “turbulence”

Good morning,   Happy New Year!   One of the benefits of the work I do is the travel. I regularly am visiting various Canadian cities so I am blessed to be able to see our beautiful country. This blessing however often involves time spent in planes. I’m a good traveler and generally enjoy the time to myself